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Circadian Disorders And Adjusting To The Night Shift: Guide For Professionals:

Practice parameters are a guide to the appropriate assessment and treatment of circadian rhythm sleep disorders (CRSDs). The standards will have a positive impact on professional behavior, patient outcomes and possibly health care costs.

Sleep-related Breathing Disorder Linked To Increased Heart Rate Variability:

A sleep-related breathing disorder, common in heart failure, increases one's heart rate variability. Further, central sleep apnea (CSA) and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) produce different patterns of heart rate variability, which are likely to reflect the different pathophysiological mechanisms involved, according to a new study.

For Migrating Sparrows, Kids Have A Compass, But Adults Have The Map:

Even bird brains can get to know an entire continent -- but it takes them a year of migration to do so, suggests a Princeton research team.

Smell You Later: Scientists Reveal How Mice Recognize Each Other:

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have discovered that mice rely on a special set of proteins to recognise each other. Previous study assumed that another set of genes that influence smell in vertebrates might be used by animals that identify each other through scent. The team found, however, that mice use a highly specialised set of proteins in their urine to recognise different individuals, suggesting that this may also be true of other animals.

New Species Of Peccary --pig-like Animal -- Discovered In Amazon Region:

Dutch biologist Marc van Roosmalen has discovered a new species of peccary, a member of the pig family, in the basin of the Rio Aripuanã in the south-eastern Amazon region. The divergence time from the already known peccary species (the time which has passed since the evolutionary division) has been set at one to 1.2 million years.

Mice Influenced By Traumatic 'Childhood' Experiences:

How does the experience of traumatic stress in childhood affect one's life in subsequent years? Leo Enthoven, a PhD student at the Leiden / Amsterdam Center for Drug Research (LACDR) and Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) studied this subject in a laboratory animal model. He has achieved some remarkable results with mice, but cannot yet say anything about humans.

Tiger Numbers Could Be Doubled In South Asia:

Researchers at the Wildlife Conservation Society and other institutions declare that improvements in management of existing protected areas in South Asia could double the number of tigers currently existing in the region.

All Male or All Female Litter? Sex-ratio Meiotic Drive System Identified In Fruit Flies:

If you met a person who had 10 children, all of whom were girls, you would probably find this surprising. Yet this kind of distorted sex ratio does occur in groups as diverse as mammals, insects, and plants, where some parents consistently produce litters in which the sex ratio is dramatically skewed.

Rest For The Racehorse After Exercise:

Equine muscle glycogen stores require sufficient time for post-exercise repletion. Repletion cannot be hastened in any way other than rest.

Earliest Birds Acted More Like Turkeys Than Common Cuckoos:

The earliest birds acted more like turkeys than common cuckoos, according to a new report. By comparing the claw curvatures of ancient and modern birds, the researchers provide new evidence that the evolutionary ancestors of birds primarily made their livings on the ground rather than in trees.


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Many people who are suffering with obstructive sleep apnea are turning towards complementary and alternative therapies (CAM) for treatment. Before using these CAM therapies, it is best to take the advice from the doctor, but CAM therapies are now replacing traditional treatments.

There are many alternative therapies to treat sleep apnea. Acupuncture, nutrition therapy, and homeopathy are likely to have a positive effect.