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Ocean Fertilization 'Fix' For Global Warming Discredited By New Research:

Scientists have revealed an important discovery that raises doubts concerning the viability of plans to fertilize the ocean to solve global warming, a projected $100 billion venture.

Separating The Therapeutic Benefits Of Cannabis From Its Mood-altering Side-effects:

Scientists from Queen Mary, University of London, have discovered a new way to separate the therapeutic benefits of cannabis from its mood-altering side-effects.

Human Genome Has Four Times More Imprinted Genes Than Previously Identified:

Scientists at Duke University have created the first map of imprinted genes throughout the human genome, and they say a modern-day Rosetta stone -- a form of artificial intelligence called machine learning -- was the key to their success. The study revealed four times as many imprinted genes as had been previously identified.

More Than One-quarter Of US Bird Species Imperiled, Report States:

One hundred seventy-eight species in the continental U.S. and 39 in Hawaii have the dubious distinction of landing on the newest and most scientifically sound list of America's most imperiled birds. WatchList 2007, a joint effort of Audubon and American Bird Conservancy, reflects a comprehensive analysis of population size and trends, distribution, and threats for 700 bird species in the U.S. It reveals those in greatest need of immediate conservation help simply to survive amid a convergence of environmental challenges, including habitat loss, invasive species and global warming.

Endangered Brazilian Ocelot Kitten Born: Birth Significant For Species:

An endangered Brazilian ocelot kitten was born at the Louisville Zoo Sept. 23. This was the first offspring for mom Miguela and second for father Itirapua.

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