EuroTrip '08 - Berlin, part VII, Holocaust Memorial

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe where, by design, concrete slabs that are initially perfectly aligned, due to sinking of the soil, adopt all sorts of different angles. Looking down the "aisles", one sees people, children playing hide-and-seek, and suddenly disappearing. People vanish, while the entire structure slowly turns from perfect order to disorder:

i-b45a33c7480f13bb3d5b0adcab3316c5-Berlin 086.jpg
i-85e25b0f42be31e3667c9541d16e05ff-Berlin 087.jpg
i-c2b47dff9ec2758afc286c23ee226844-Berlin 088.jpg
i-3d674a25205591a8de4b4ad76d57a2b3-Berlin 089.jpg
i-c66699db98c01adb497df155a15c3878-Berlin 090.jpg
i-8b0874f5f2071dee1bff8562561d965d-Berlin 091.jpg
i-3b072abba4116e258f3e69051829630f-Berlin 092.jpg
i-0c1a233afb6f9df0195cc4a9288a078e-Berlin 093.jpg

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After a beer or two at The Eagle, we went for dinner to a nice place where we had to wait a little more, but the wait was worth it as the food was good and the company even better. So, food above the fold (a Before and After picture) and company under the fold:
Time to put up some of the pictures. Catriona took me around Berlin, for whatever one can see in just a day and a half - the Brandenburg gate, a slab of the Berlin wall, etc.... Quick breakfast: Going from West to East Berlin: The Wall: The oldest traffic light in Germany: Evening:
More pictures from the Museum: We found a Coturnix: Enormous insects: Linnaeus, Ernst Mayr and Charles Darwin:
Catriona and I, obviously, had fun here: Fossils, including the best Archaeopterix in the world: The Evolution of Life:

I'll second Bjoern on that. When you can capture that effect in pictures...

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