Today's carnivals

Classic Science Papers: The 2008 'Challenge', what will hopefully turn into a carnival, is up on Skulls in the Stars and it if full of really cool posts.

Friday Ark #193 is up on the Modulator


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In the wake of great success of the Classic Science Papers Challenge, gg of Skulls in the Stars and I have decided to turn this into a regular monthly blog carnival. Thus, gg has set up a carnival homepage and issued the call for posts and hosts. You can read more about the carnival - named "The…
The Best of Anthro 2008 Prizes, a kind of an annual carnival, is up on Neuroanthropology Friday Ark #225 is up on Modulator
We are busy preparing for The Open Laboratory 2008. The submissions have been trickling in all year, and a little bit more frequently recently, but it is time now to dig through your Archives for your best posts since December 20th 2007 and submit them. Submit one, or two, or several - no problem…
The new edition of Animalcules, the microbiological carnival, is up on Baumhaus For somewhat larger animals, visit Friday Ark #113 up on Modulator