Messier Monday: Virgo’s Final Galaxy, M100 (Synopsis)

“From a little spark may burst a flame.” -Dante Alighieri

It's hard to believe that less than two years ago, we hadn't even begun Messier Monday, and now there are fewer than 20 objects left! Today represents a great milestone, as we finally take on the last of fifteen galaxies that Messier catalogued as part of the Virgo Cluster!

Image credit: Mike Hankey, via; annotation & magnification by me. Image credit: Mike Hankey, via; annotation & magnification by me.

Even though Messier couldn't see the details that modest amateurs can see today, his (and Méchain's) discovery-and-cataloguing of this object was the beginning of a remarkable journey, something that saw -- along its way -- five supernovae and perhaps the photo that heralded the greatest era of space telescopes: when the error with the Hubble Space Telescope's original primary mirror was fixed!

Images credit: NASA / JPL / Goddard Space Flight Center. Images credit: NASA / JPL / Goddard Space Flight Center.

Come read -- and see in pictures -- the full glorious story of this object!


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Thankyou Ethan, and Judy Schmidt for the excellent render.