Kevin is in China again

For those of you who remember the adventures of Kevin in China from two years ago, he is there again, doing his herpetology fieldwork and reporting regularly. Instead of this blog, he is posting his adventures and pictures on a herp forum - probably the best way to follow is to check out his posts there.

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Let's see how many people incapable of spelling 'plane' arrive here by the way of Google. But I am talking about a real 'plain' - a big one, in China, and about some very real live snakes as well! A good friend (and ex-neighbor) of mine, Kevin Messenger, is in China right now, surveying…
Here is a little tangent to Kevin's adventure. You may recall from one of the previous installments (Kevin in China, part 6 - The Mystery Snake) that there was an evening that Kevin does not remember very clearly, due to great hospitality of his hosts and the high alcohol levels of the wine served…
Kevin has just posted another photo-rich report from his herpetology survey in China. Lots of pictures of Chinese landscape, Chinese people, Chinese food, and yes - cool Chinese animals.
For those of you who have enjoyed Kevin's herpetology dispatches from China two years ago, you may want to go over to the and read his reports from this year's trip.