NYC SciBlings MeetUp - Saturday morning in the hotel lobby

Some more pictures for you:

i-d52191920d3ebd767cd810ecc7cd2edc-NYC meetup 08 001s.jpg

i-5f70f3dda585c08b6da1c8cd4f274ce1-NYC meetup 08 002s.jpg
i-7dbb2248ebdebabdcbd067ed48d682b0-NYC meetup 08 004s.jpg
i-8ab52a4e0507d56ae5c90ee229bf3c71-NYC meetup 08 005s.jpg
i-bbd795ea0ab981e4075d6c20f7ac9016-NYC meetup 08 006s.jpg
i-feb74b2318a9891a8b0dac4fe19b2d2b-NYC meetup 08 007s.jpg
i-ae980a0c6288cd13bc7826087bbf8719-NYC meetup 08 008s.jpg
i-661fc9ce944ca4ced19cdbdda38e5975-NYC meetup 08 010s.jpg

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Again, in a dark room, my camera used long exposures and thus many pictures are fuzzy. But you can see that we had lots and lots of readers come to see us, together with the NYC Skeptics:
OK, so a bunch of us sciencebloggers went to New York City this weekend. This is something that we were trying to do for almost a year now. Sure, many of us Sciblings have met one-on-one on occasion, but this was an opportunity to get many of us together all in the same place at the same time, to…
A bunch of Sciblings meeting at the Seed offices in New York City on Friday Afternoon....updated with a couple of more pictures and links....(several more people came late, after my batteries died...) Chris Rowan Jennifer Jacquet Katherine Sharpe Katherine Sharpe Katherine Sharpe, Virginia Hughes…