Palin is the one I was afraid of.

Not much to say. I have collected some good links here - check them out.

McCain needed to appease the unhappy base. And he needed to make inroads into the Zero-information "independents". And he needed more women. And he needed the last remnants of racists that have not yet left the Dems with Nixon and Reagan elections. Sara Palin does it all for him.

Her extreme social conservatism gets the base. Her good looks and zero name-recognition appeal to the "open minded Center". She has does not have a Y chromosome which, unfortunately, is enough for some zero-information female voters (at least here in the South). She is not Black, which takes care of the rest.

I am astonished almost every day as, here in the South, I bump into women, lifelong Democrats, who supported Hillary because she is not Black, and are now believing the idiocy that McCain is a maverick, a moderate and a decent person. Putting a pretty woman with 5 kids who drives a Jetta on the ticket will seal the deal for those racist Southern Democratic women. They have no intention of ever watching or listening to Obama, Biden does nothing for them, and they will never study the issues. Racist vote through and through. The old Nixon's Southern Strategy moved racist men from Dems to GOP, making the remaining Democratic Party so much better. Palin will now move the racist women and you will be surprised how many there are here. They will not care about the anti-woman stances of McCain and Palin because they will never bother to learn about them in the first place. They will think this white pair is cute.

But we can still beat them. This will just make it a little harder to do it.


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"She has a Y chromosome"
wow. I'm betting McCain's handlers didn't ask her that one, seeing as she has five kids.

Make that "doesn't have a Y chromosome", unless you know something I don't.

She looks like his daughter. I see your points, but I say they're toast unless Obama uncharacteristically flubs mightily. Sure she'll aid McCain greatly in the south. So what? He has the south anyway. She'll cost him where it counts, among people who were leaning his way because of Obama's lack of experience. It was the most solid weapon he had, and he gave it away.

Once the novelty wears off, it should be apparent that there's nothing shocking about McCain's choice, because he picked someone who shares his views. I don't see Palin as either gaining or losing McCain a lot of votes in the long run.

And, one can only hope that since the novelty and youth factors are now evenly divided between the two major parties, voters will be forced to consider actual issues like the war, the economy, and the environment for a change. Not that I'd hold my breath while waiting for the American public to actually vote in its own interest, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

By Julie Stahlhut (not verified) on 29 Aug 2008 #permalink

In 90% agreement with the abovelike the phrase Zero-Information independent, very descriptive. Lets hope that the outcome of the next election does not come down to those zero-information votes (as it did in the previous two in 2000 and 2004).

Everyone is hailing Obama's nomination for President as a ground breaking victory for African Americans. And indeed it is.
And now stepping up to the plate is a former Miss America contender. As the father of two beautiful (stunning) young women who have competed (and ranked) in local and regional pageants it is gratifying to see how far women have come and gives me great hope for the future of my two princesses. Next week our younger daughter, Meadow, will be competing in a preliminry that will eventually lead up to Miss MidAtlantic All Teen. I know she sill be struting her stuff just a little bit stronger knowing that Sarah Palin will be silently rooting for her. While neither of my daughters are academic they embody all that is beautiful about the modern Americna woman.
John McCain has struck a cord for all women. And he has won my vote

Are you trying to be funny Brian? "...neither of my daughters are academic they embody all that is beautiful about the modern Americna [sic] woman." So there is nothing beautiful about modern women who are are "academic"?

I'm pretty sure Brian is just one of the pro-McCain comment-and-run graffitoists who is showing up on every blog post about Palin. Although, unlike some, I don't think he stuck enough on topic to earn his McCain swag points for this one. That comment is just too weird.

"...almost every day as, here in the South, I bump into women, lifelong Democrats, who supported Hillary because she is not Black"

OK,I'll bite-how many?How many 'life long Democratic women' have said 'You know, Bora, since Obama is Black, I am voting for Hillary'? Seriously; you expect me to believe that these life long Dems are telling you that they support Hillary because of RACE? Or are you just guessing at their motivations?

And as I have mentioned here before, analysis shows very clearly and very plainly that race-based crimes are far more common in the North than in the South.

No. First, I know them well, most of them - blacks are supposed to be servants, the way they are raised. Second, they use the dog-whistle phrases that are 100% out of racist e-mails by RNC operatives used to mean this, i.e., be a stand-in for race: "Muslim", "I just don't know what is it about him that makes me uneasy....", etc. See this for a nice take.

I believe you are right about North vs. South - but that is statistics, does not mean that racism is dead in the South. And I live in the South so I report on people I bump into every day. Someone living in the North can report on racism there.

So they haven't told you this, but you know them well enough to understand how they were raised ("well, most of them") and then draw conclusions about their *real* motivations and understand the hidden meaning of their language.

How... paternal of you.

Well, if you understand that racism in action (words, phrases, vandalism, physical attacks,etc.) are 10-50 more common in Boston than Atlanta; if you are aware that race-based work harassment in 10-30 times more common in Spokane than in Birmingham; if you grasp that race-motivated murder is 5-20 times more common in Cleveland than in Charleston; if all of that is understood by you, why do you still imply that racism is a key element in winning the South rather than the North? No,racism isn't dean anywhere on Earth- but it is demonstrably a much bigger issue in the North,so why refer to the Southern Strategy in such a manner?

Obama is all fabulous rhetoric! Palin is all action!

By Eddie Goh (not verified) on 03 Sep 2008 #permalink