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As you know, blog posts about Open Access - What It Means To Me? are in competition today! I will be posting and updating the links of entries throughout the day (until midnight Eastern) for all to see - if I miss yours, send me the URL of your entry.

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Linux Center, Anglo American School and librarians from several institutions (Museum of Contemporary Arts, Musem of Ethnology, Museum of Victims of Genocide, Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Vinca", Institute of Oncology, Institute for Chemistry, Technology and Metalurgy) celebrated Open Access Day in Serbia with special emphasis on importance of open acess for advancement of science, culture, arts, life conditions.
The students liked very much idea that open access helps better healthcare for the children and women worldwide and that children should be treated properly. They emphasized that access to knowledge should be open to everyone especially to physicians and scientists. We see that as very important move since it shows that the students of Anglo American School suport international movement and its significance in contemporary world.
Librarians have had an opportunity to discuss with teh students new role of libraries that is much closer to Internet technologies accross frontiers.

Vedran Vucic