Science Online London 2009

You have proven your fitness, evolutionarily speaking, not when you have babies, but when your babies have babies. So I am very excited that my babies - the three science blogging conferences here in the Triangle so far - have spawned their own offspring. Not once, but twice. The London franchise will happen again this year. And just like we changed the name from Science Blogging Conference into ScienceOnline, so did they.

i-ac1b61cc831cb8c4ea71e30d7f110d61-scienceonlinelondon logo.gif

Science Online London 2009 will take place on Saturday August 22, 2009 at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in London, co-hosted by Nature Network, Mendeley and the Royal Institution of Great Britain. The organizers are Matt Brown (Nature Network), Martin Fenner (Hannover Medical School), Richard P. Grant (F1000), Victor Henning (Mendeley), Corie Lok (Nature Network) and Jan Reichelt (Mendeley).

To help build the program, suggest speakers/sessions, to register and organize your trip, or to participate virtually, you should join the Nature Network forum and the FriendFeed room. Follow @soloconf and the #soloconf_09 hashtag on Twitter.

There will probably be a registration fee to cover the costs, likely in the range of £10, so nothing really expensive. They are also looking for sponsors. And if anyone wants to sponsor my trip, I'll go ;-)

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