Animals on the island of Mainau are so tame

The island of Mainau has been designed, decades ago, as a gigantic garden, natural preserve, and a model of sustainability. Thus, animals roaming the island are exceptionally fearless of humans. For this picture, taken during lunch on the island, all I needed to do was extend my camera-hand, while sitting, until it was about two feet away from the bird:

i-8025dc9cedd66b5d5d2e0dc745a0b089-Lindau 030.jpg

All sorts of birds, from crows to peacocks roam freely among the throngs of tourists there.

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A couple of German bloggers and I went to see the Butterfly House on the Island of Mainau. They had good cameras with lenses that allowed them to take extreme close-ups. I had to do with a little pocket camera, but a few pictures turned out decent enough to show:
Friday was a special day at the Lindau Nobel conference. The official program was over but, instead of letting us all go home, the organizers did something better - a day trip on a boat to the island of Mainau where, while still under the influence of the proceedings, the participants had a chance…
Ashutosh Jogalekar wrote the best summary of the panel on Climate Change held on the island of Mainau on the last day of the Lindau Nobel Meeting:
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