Animals on the island of Mainau are so tame, part 2

Here are some more pictures from the domestic and wild animal life on the island:

i-53bbdd826d9103b9f4fb5d381a2c8f36-Lindau 044.jpg

i-32f2a5f33f2c9da1d73bfef90a4885e7-Lindau 045.jpg
i-dafa18ffba09d24da66a54611de5c201-Lindau 046.jpg
i-cac8b957a1f50a280ee18fb0f7efd565-Lindau 051.jpg
i-7e03677f580122d3407ad1b614bf8163-Lindau 052.jpg
i-72e6152a2038a0ee9566955ac57d771c-Lindau 053.jpg
i-25598d5b93677bc73c396eeb2c1c0abb-Lindau 054.jpg

i-041cc496cb43128185b75a0492f2faa8-Lindau 069.jpg

i-850b951b4a196089eccfcd3bfeb9b6b4-Lindau 070.jpg

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