The Best of July

I posted 173 (this is 174th) posts in July.

As I was traveling the first half of the month, I scheduled a bunch of quotes and also a bunch of re-posts of the most basic and informative posts about chronobiology for your summer education ;-)

The first week of July, I was in Lindau, Germany, at the Nobel conference. I blogged about some talks and some more talks and about the blogger meetup, I took some pictures of the Lindau island, and did a series of 1-minute video interviews with the participants, including Matthew Siebert, Anna-Maria Huber, Fenja Schoepke, Jan Wedekind, Ghada Al-Kadamany and Jennifer Murphy.

On the last day, we went on a boat trip to the island of Mainau (and back), where animals are so tame. After the panel on Climate Change we wandered around the island and visited the butterfly house and the Linnaeus' floral clock.

Then I went to Belgrade, Serbia, where I gave TV and radio interviews, took some pictures, gave two lectures about Open Access, PLoS, Science 2.0 and science blogging at the University Library and at the Medical School, and attended not one, not two, but three school reunions! But perhaps the most exciting thing is that I got to see and photograph the recently discovered mammoth fossil.

As a result of the Lindau conference, I got a guest post by Lars Fischer - Nobel laureates on being young and the future of science - and, in turn, he got to interview me for an article. I was also interviewed by Next Generation Science and again for an article about Twitter in science.

The Who are you, dear readers? post brought in more than 50 comments! I also fixed my first ClockCast so it is in MP3 format - more podcats will be coming soon. Then I went to see Sheril reading at Quail Ridge Books and wrote a review of 'Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex' by Mary Roach.

PLoS-related, I announced the June Blog Pick of the Month (I will announce the July winner tomorrow), commented on the new focus on article-level metrics, and did an interview with Peter Sommer, PLoS ONE Section Editor for Virology. We published an exciting dinosaur paper which has its own special reason to be Open Access.

The series of interviews with the participants of ScienceOnline'09 continued, with interviews with Betul Kacar Arslan, Eva Amsen, GrrrlScientist, Miriam Goldstein, Katherine Haxton, Stephanie Zvan, Stacy Baker, Bob O'Hara, Djordje Jeremic, Erica Tsai, Elissa Hoffman, Henry Gee, Sam Dupuis and Russ Campbell.


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