Craig McClain talk at Sigma Xi

Although I've known Craig McClain for a few years now, both online and offline, I only had some vague ideas about what kind of research he is doing. I knew it has something to do with the Deep Sea and with the evolution of body size, but I did not know the details. So, when the opportunity arose to hear him give a talk summarizing his work, I jumped to it and went to see him on Tuesday at Sigma Xi as a part of their pizza lunch series.


First I have to say that Craig is a great speaker (if you are looking for one for a seminar series, this is useful information for you) - it was fun and very clear. And thought-provoking. And fascinating. I am still thinking about it, what it all means, etc.


But Delene was there as well and she took copious notes and wrote a great blog post about the talk so there is no need for me to duplicate that effort. So if you want to know more about the substance of the talk, just go and read her take either on her own blog Wild Muse or the same post on the ScienceInTheTriangle blog.


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