Science Cafe Raleigh - Our bodies: the Final Frontier

From the NC Museum of Natural Sciences:

OUR BODIES: The Final Frontier

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 6:30-8:30 pm with discussion beginning
at 7:00 followed by Q&A

Location: Tir Na Nog 218 South Blount Street, Raleigh, 833-7795

We have come to think of the world as known. It isn't. Even basic parts of our own bodies remain totally unexplored. For example, have you ever stopped to wonder why you are naked? Aside from naked mole rats, we are among the only land mammals to be essentially devoid of hair. Why? Join us for a discussion about the human body and its adaptations to a world filled with predators, pathogens and parasites. Bring your appendix, if you still have one, and learn about its special purpose.

About the Speaker:

Rob Dunn is an ecologist in the Department of Biology at North Carolina State University where he studies the global distribution of life and how it is changing as we change the world. He also studies ants. Dunn's award-winning book "Every Living Thing" (Harper Collins, 2009) explores the strange limits of the living world and the stranger scientists that study them. His next book, "Clean Living is Bad for You ... and Other Modern Consequences of Having Evolved in the Wild," will be out in 2010. Dunn also writes articles for magazines including National Geographic, Natural History, Seed, Scientific American and National Wildlife. To read more of Rob's writing, sign up for his email list at:

RSVP to For more information, contact Katey Ahmann at 919-733-7450, ext. 531.

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Careful! It's the NC Museum of *Natural* Sciences, not Life Sciences. The life science museum is in Charlotte, iirc.

Yikes! Right. And the Durham museum adds to the confusion Life+Science!