Introducing the Open Laboratory 2010 editor

Editing the 2006 anthology of the best writing on science blogs was a fast, whirlwind affair - with a little help from my friends, I put it together (yes, from idea to having the book up for sale) in less than a month. As it was quite a success and I expected the number of entries to double (I was right about that), I decided to invite each year a different person - a blogger and a friend - to act as guest editor. Thus, the 2007 book was edited by Reed Cartwright, the 2008 one by Jennifer Rohn and the 2009 book by SciCurious.

I am sure you are all waiting with baited breath for me to announce the editor of the 2010 edition, the person who will design the judging method, invite judges, organize the Table Of Contents, make decisions about the design and 'look' of the book deal with everything else that may pop up during the process. We'll work together on making the next book better than ever.

The Open Laboratory 2010 editor will be.... good friend and wonderful blogger Ben Young Landis.

You probably know him from Twitter or from his blog.

A graduate of the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Duke, Ben is now a Science Communications Fellow at NC Sea Grant where he writes for their magazine Coastwatch. By the way, Ben got that job through Twitter. He was one of the winners of the blogging contest at the recent AAAS meeting in San Diego. You can read more about him here. Knowing Ben well, I know that the coming year will be a pleasure as we work together at putting together the fifth anthology.

You should read the long-winded instructions about what is and isn't appropriate to submit, deadline, and other pertinent information. And you should certainly buy (or tell your friends, colleagues, family and neighbors to buy) the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 editions. Especially if you buy in April - we have entered the anthology into the April contest at - use the code "SHOWERS" during check-out to get 10% off.

Help us spread the word by embedding these buttons on your blogs and websites - clicking on them takes you to the submission form:

<a href=""&gt<img src=""&gt</a&gt

i-016354ccd0a0fea5c7458b872bc6c9e1-Open_Lab_2010 button100x67.png

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i-a857cffdcdd2bf16896e56a2120b25bc-Open_Lab_2010 button.png


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Bora, I am deeply honored by the invitation to edit Open Lab 2010. I have some rather distinguished shoes to fill! Looking forward to working with everyone this coming year, and definitely excited to read all the amazing and talented science blogging submissions as they come in. Thank you all!

Congrats Ben!

By Isis the Scientist (not verified) on 06 Apr 2010 #permalink