Intel's Bad Axe

Finally, a product to bring much-deserved recognition to an
out-of-the-way place: Intel has announced their "enthusiast"
motherboard for high-performance computing: the href="">D975XBX,
nicknamed the
"Bad Axe."


Just get a load a'the href="">heat
on that baby!  Granted, it's not the
most pragmatic piece of hardware on the planet, but it'll make your
lan-party buddies green with envy.  

The product's namesake is a little town in Michigan's thumb.
 Hardly anybodies been there, but that's only because it is
not on the way to anywhere.  Except Grindstone City.

Even so, Bad
Axe, Michigan
, is not just a little town.  

It is the
county seat!  Population: 3,462.
 Violent crimes in 2003: four.  According to e-Podunk
(really!) their song is " href="">I
Found My Baby in Bad Axe
,"  by The
Deltrons.  It was sung by Arthur Godfrey, which I guess gives
it a certain cachet.  Of sorts.

It's said that the town got it's name from a notation made by a
surveyor.  Apparently, the only thing notable in the area was
a beat-up old bad axe on the ground.  So that got written in
the log book, and the name stuck.  


Some of my ancestors came from Bad Axe, by the way.  I bet
they'd be proud to have the D975XBX named after their town.


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