Sorry for the absence. I was giving a talk in NYC, where I had the pleasure of meeting PZ, Chris Mooney and Lisa Randall. (I was talking about how Walt Whitman anticipated the neuroscience of today.) I also had the pleasure of spending time with my beautiful new niece (aka my sister's Mexican hairless):
i-817cac9347d071cfab107ddf8a594bd2-Hobo Reggie1.JPG

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I'll be away from my desk tomorrow, so I thought I'd keep you entertained with a video of me. (Forgive the shameless self-promotion.) In this short video, I'm discussing how Walt Whitman anticipated some truths of modern neuroscience. (I've written a whole book on this subject, which will come out…
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Plus, I was being a wee bit ironic.

Gorgeous is more like it..... or stunning.

I have been staring intently at this photo and I have the feint suspicion that this is:

your hand or maybe your wrist thrust into an undershirt with an adorable dog head attached just above the wrist bone.

one of those National Geographic photoshop jobbies that will cause a major scandal when it's revealed no such dog exists in nature..

a very happy dog unaware of its unfortunate genetic predicament, that it has a human wrist growing out of its neck.

Can you give us a hint?

By Canine Admirer (not verified) on 28 Sep 2006 #permalink

wow. that is the strangest dog ive ever seen. is it really not sick? that's how it is supposed to look? i bet darwin would have used this animal as an example of selective breeding if he had known about it.

is that really a mexican hairless?? because we adopted this adorable puppy from a res-q pets center and they told us she was a yorkie and chinese crested mix, but she looks identical to your puppy!

this dog is the ugliest dog i've ever seen it kind of reminds of me carrie?

awwwww. i want her!!! i have never seen anything so cute. her little lips! =)