Not Dead Yet ...


Yes, that's right, we here at Culture Dish are actually STILL ALIVE! Though you wouldn't know it from our feed.  <brushing off cobwebs> ... After a bit of down time, Culture Dish is back.  The last several months have been jam packed with pre-publication craziness with my book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which is coming to a bookstore near you on February 9th (and is already available for preorder on amazon!).  In coming weeks and months, I'll be posting about the publication process, doing some give-aways of pre-publication galleys of the book, and more.  I'll also be blogging some about the fact checking process for the book, which is quite an experience -- my living room has been a fact checking factory for months (see photo). And of course, I'll blog about usual non-book related stuff too.  Just bare with my, uh, irregularity for the next few weeks as I finish up all the craziness.

Also: Much to my chagrin, I had to turn comment moderation on for the blog a while ago because I was hit with all kinds of spambots that kept finding ways around any blocks I'd put up. If any of you SB whizzes out there know how to stop the evil spambots so I can turn moderation back off, I'd love to hear about it.  

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You should turn the lights on so you can see better!

I think the turkish spammers have all gone away, so the built in spam-protection is probably working better now. I need to delete a dozen comments a week, tops.

Anyway, I'm glad to see that Culture Dish will become more active, and I'm looking forward to seeing your take on this later phase of the publication process!

So it wasn't just me ... and they were turkish? Interesting. Comments are back on ... we'll see what happens. Thanks, Greg.

This is a book I can't wait to read!!! I'm totally excited to see it come out.

Just bare with my, uh, irregularity

Umm, no thanks...I look much better with clothes on...


Glad that periodically checking in here has finally paid off--looked as if you were down for the count there, for a while...Welcome back!