What is the Academic Value of Jersey Shore's Snooki?


What is the academic value of Jersey Shore's Snooki? I'll let my readers decide. But consider this.

According to NJ.com, Rutgers University paid $32,000 for this reality TV performer for a question and answer session with students. Academic value? Questionable indeed.

In contrast, Nobel Prize winner in Literature Toni Morrison will be receiving $30,000 for a Commencement speech at the same institution.

What are the implications for the relative value of entertainment and bone fide education in our society?

This is not an April fool's joke.

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Oh, but it IS a Year-Round Fools' joke. On us.

By Bob O`Bob (not verified) on 01 Apr 2011 #permalink

It shows that you can be an uneducated buffoon and make money, and that's what our society values the most. Sad, but it's something I have to try to counter for my high school students. At least all the ones I know don't care for the show (or haven't heard of it - lucky kids) - that's something.