How's Emma Doing? Utøya Survivor Begins to Heal


The three bands I will never take off.
"Input band" to Utøya, the joy I had when I got this Thread

WWAUFD - What Would AUF do, a band we had at the National Convention. A proverb I think about all the time

Hospitals band - j I studied the tape yesterday, and noticed that I have the number 3 on the tape. As I now associate with, we had three who swam together and were picked up by boat, me-girl and boy.

How is Emma doing?

On Monday, I shared a compelling personal account of the tragedy at Utøya, from an 18 year old Emma Martinovic, county leader of the AUF in Western College, the Labour Party's youth organization.

Below are some excerpts translated from her most recent blog entry with my emphasis:

My thoughts are with Emma, her family and with all the victims, the injured and recovering and their families:

76 people confirmed dead and 97 have been or are being treated for injuries. The condition of 19 of them are still critical. "utoyahelvette

Exhausted and grateful

â¢27.jul.2011 kl.22:47 i Blogg 27.jul.2011 kl.22: 47 in Blog

Quite honestly, it was terrible to be in Oslo again, I heard gunshots all the time, and I was so scared. I often took hold of my arm to my best friend and had to assure me that I did not go alone, I often said to my dad how happy I was with him.

I think so much, I change the thoughts and feelings all the time.

My future is ruined. A little soul in me has always wanted to go the police college and complete it, the dream is so far away now. I can not think of a good time to be able to take on the uniform, or take the weapon. I will not be able to go on shooting practice and hear the shots. Wait, I withdraw the statement that my future is ruined, it just is displaced.

I'll be really cool now and say, you mother******, your monster. I will NEVER let you feel the feeling that you've won over us. You have never been close, and you'll never win either.

Now I have finally come home, and I'll be honest now. I'm so tired of the media, I can no more media. I do not think my cell phone ringing every second, can not take any more emails from all newspapers, can not take any more TV, and I can no more tell the story over and over again. It's so hard to recognize emotions get the whole time while I try to focus on that I have to bite your teeth together because in case the fucker watch TV so I would not want him to see me cry because of him.

I will use this annledningen to thank you out there, thank you for everything I get daily. Their words that I get daily and all the flowers warms my heart so much. My tears flow all the time, a happy and feeling so grateful at the same time as flowing tears because of all the sorrow of all mine is gone. I promise that I will answer you all, but things take so time. I also have pain in my arm which makes it difficult to write with both arms. But again, thank you. For a nation we are, and to all those countries out there:

Thank you very much for all the love and all of the words. Thank you very much for all the love and all of the words. I swear that I will someday answer you all but now I just need my time with my family, friends and AUF. I swear That I will someday answer you all but now I just need my time with my family, friends and AUF.

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Flowers? Aw. Where can we send flowers? And not just to Emma. Maybe SBlings could get together and send a memorial tree? There must be seedlings from an appropriate historic tree.

Nowadays almost all summer festivals here in Sweden seem to have bracelets like that. Many youths keep collections of them on their arms for months just to show how many cool places they have been on during the summer. I always thought it was a bit silly, but not this time. Poor girl. What a sad collection.

By Johan Berggren (not verified) on 27 Jul 2011 #permalink

Great idea. Let's discuss via email to work out a plan.