Punching My Sister: Sir Isaac Newton

Netwon's Apple Gravity (SodaHead).

Sir Isaac Newton punching his sister? How about pricking a friend with a pin?

Yes, even giants such as Sir Newton, are subject to being strayed from time to time. An amazing resource of his personal notebooks and library is now available, maintained by the University of Sussex.

Here's a sample of his recording of "49 sins" committed in 1662:

Before Whitsunday 1662.

Vsing the word (God) openly 1
Eating an apple at Thy house 2
Making a feather while on Thy day 3
Denying that I made it. 4
Making a mousetrap on Thy day 5
Contriving of the chimes on Thy day 6
Squirting water on Thy day 7
Making pies on Sunday night 8
Swimming in a kimnel on Thy day 9
Putting a pin in Iohn Keys hat on Thy day to pick him. 10
Carelessly hearing and committing many sermons 11
Refusing to go to the close at my mothers command. 12
Threatning my father and mother Smith to burne them and the house over them 13
Wishing death and hoping it to some 14
Striking many 15
Having uncleane thoughts words and actions and dreamese. 16
Stealing cherry cobs from Eduard Storer 17
Denying that I did so 18
Denying a crossbow to my mother and grandmother though I knew of it 19
Setting my heart on money learning pleasure more than Thee 20
A relapse 21
A relapse 22
A breaking again of my covenant renued in the Lords Supper. 23
Punching my sister 24
Robbing my mothers box of plums and sugar 25
Calling Dorothy Rose a jade 26
Glutiny in my sickness. 27
Peevishness with my mother. 28
With my sister. 29
Falling out with the servants 30
Divers commissions of alle my duties 31
Idle discourse on Thy day and at other times 32
Not turning nearer to Thee for my affections 33
Not living according to my belief 34
Not loving Thee for Thy self. 35
Not loving Thee for Thy goodness to us 36
Not desiring Thy ordinances 38
Not long {longing} for Thee in {illeg} 39

40 Fearing man above Thee
41 Vsing unlawful means to bring us out of distresses
42 Caring for worldly things more than God
43 Not craving a blessing from God on our honest endeavors.
44 Missing chapel.
45 Beating Arthur Storer.
46 Peevishness at Master Clarks for a piece of bread and butter.
47 Striving to cheat with a brass halfe crowne.
48 Twisting a cord on Sunday morning
49 Reading the history of the Christian champions on Sunday

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