The iPod of Thermocyclers

i-e2eb2dc6c6c4eb639eb7e54e3074d6c1-palmpcr.pngAhram Biosystems just released a handheld PCR machine affectionately called the Palm PCR. Oh yeah baby. Now you can just strap this 330 g (with battery) puppy to your arm when you go out for a jog. Wait! Is that dead body? Throw a hair in there and amplify as you wipe the sweat of your brow (make sure it doesn't fall inside the Palm PCR though...). But don't get too comfy, you'll have your 2kbp product in only 15-30 min.

"Palm PCR is powered by a Li-ion battery that enables more than 4 hours of continuous operation on a single charge. It is designed to adapt the standard 9 mm-spaced well format to use with a disposable plastic sample-tube. Nearly all kinds of DNA samples, including the human genome, can be amplified in less than 25 or 30 minutes. Even a single copy of DNA can be amplified in as little as 25 minutes to an amount sufficient for typical agarose-gel detection."

Even the human genome!!! In 25-20 minutes!! Holy Manta Batrayman! Thankfully you can choose between white, yellow, red and blue. I want to get the Palm PCR that is the right color to match my lifestyle. VWR already has the accessories In production including leather cases, car adapter, bluetooth headset, detachable mix-and-match faces and a pipette holster.

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If only the kids who had found the 'montauk monster' had had one these. They'd have known immediately that it didn't have any hippogriff DNA at all.

Be sure and wait for the quickdraw pipette holster!
Nothing worse than snagging a tip 'cause the normal holster isn't designed for that type of hot n fast action.

(Don't file down your tips though that's just hogwash and might interfere with your precision.)

I see that as usual they don't want to say how much you'll have to actually pay them for one of these portable ovens-with-automatic-timer devices...

("Easy-Clone Oven"?)

This will be great for drive-by paternity testing.

By Tegumai Bopsul… (not verified) on 20 Aug 2008 #permalink

@alex- where does it say single well? The spec sheet says "Well-to-well uniformity ≤ 0.1°C", doesn't that kind of imply more than one well?

I think if I had a long commute, I would seriously covet one of these.

First thought: w00t! Gotta get me some of that lab swag for teh Beagle!

Second thought: Beyond the 'cool' factor, is this really useful? I mean where's the DNA extraction module, the gel electrophoresis (or even better, bioanalyzer) bolt-on, the purification attachment and let's not forget the mini-refrigerator you'll be needing to keep your Taq cold and we haven't even got to the DNA sequencing yet....
Nah, I think I'll keep holiding out for the tricorder DNA barcoder.

They said at Bio in San Diego that it had 12 wells.

It runs on a lithium ion battery! Wow! Does any other life science instrument (PCR, sequencing, etc) run on a battery?