Ain't No Party Like a Scientific Blogger Party?!

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Have you wanted to meet me in person? Probably not! I really can't blame you. What about the doofuses who run Zooillogix? Yeah, neither do I.

Ahh, but do you want to drink Manhatten's, G&T's, and Martini's at trendy bar in San Francisco with like-minded scientific groupies. Well then...

It's long overdue. Time for a Zooillogix writers, friends, and lowly readers party. On Friday [September] 26th, we will be having our get together at Tonic, in San Francisco, starting at 9:00PM. We think it will be fun to see what weirdos (that's you!) come out of the woodwork. At worst, Ben and I will get quite drunk alone. Actually, that's not true. At worst one of our readers will be insane and will knife us. But either way, we are forging ahead with this plan. Craig from Deep Sea News will also be there and there is a good chance that some of your other favorite science-type bloggers will also be joining. We will confirm the additional headliners as they send us their deposits.

If you plan on going leave a comment over at Zooillogix

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I'm with Jives -- too far for my travel budget! Besides, G&Ts and Manhattans are too high-brow for us fisheries types. Can of PBR, anyone?

By FishGuyDave (not verified) on 22 Aug 2008 #permalink

dude! this looks awesome. i'm totally gonna go and bring like all these hot science chicks.