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Martin Durkin's "Great Global Warming Swindle" used fake graphs to try to make a case that global warming is a hoax. Compare their version of temperature change (on left) which they claimed came from NASA with what you actually get from NASA.


Now the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has decided to show Durkin's "Swindle". Durkin's version of the NASA graph and NASA's version are just two alternative opinions and people should see Durkin's version as well.

Don Arthur has written the definitive round up of the controversy.

Dave Tiley's take is also worth reading.

Tim Blair, meanwhile, is all inconsistent: He thinks the alternative view presented by Loose Change 2 should not be shown, but Durkin's alternative view on global warming should be shown.


Update: I must have struck a nerve because Blair has added an update. His explanation for his flip-flop is:

Tim Lambert lies. And he's a thief, but you already knew that.

Got it.

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When you look at the range of tripe that passes for educational television, this stuff by Durkin may not be the worst. I was flipping the other day and came across something where these police had contacted a psychic to help in a murder investigation. And National Geographic has started running "when animals attack" episodes.

It would be nice if Durkin was made to account for where he derived his graph. But then, you do have psychics on television, so....


This sounds like the work of a number of consultants who can make the numbers work to support whichever theory/ end point their customer is trying to support.

Regardless, there is a groundswell starting in the field of logistics and supply chain management which is likely to have a positive impact on improving global warming.

Read In Search of the Carbon Neutral Supply Chain to learn more.


Jeff Ashcroft

Blair, sad to discover that you're so desperate for traffic that you'll link back to Lambert after he points out that you're a wanker.

So very sad.

If the program generates a lot of interest in the real issues and the ABC allows the credible to critique the less than credible opinions it contains it may not be a bad thing. Those denialists who believe the Swindle theory already are unlikely to believe it more, but having them talking about it can provide opportunity to rebut and the fence sitters may find the debate informative as well as entertaining.
That said, having nonsense presented convincingly as fact is always disturbing. Thank you Internet and all you Bloggers, as the mainstream media's mediocrity is mind-numbing.

I understand that David Irving wants to produce a doco uncovering the 'truth' about the holocaust. Perhaps he should give the ABC board a call?

What constantly amazes me is not only how dumb Tim Blair is but how much he enjoys his own stupidity.

Embarrassingly dumb.

I guess the socialistic, NWO-worshipping, Boong-loving, neopagan agents of ZOG who Tim B's crew keep telling us run the ABC were all off on flexi-leave the day this got scheduled.

By Ian Gould (not verified) on 27 May 2007 #permalink

That graph really does look like it's taken from the Oregon petition: but notice that the horizontal scale has simply been changed to make it look like the data ends in the year ~2005 rather than ~1985. That's pretty blatant.