The Australian's war on technology

Nick Ross writes:

The Australian's technology coverage (in print) is a mixed bag in that it has some of the very best technology writers in the country but their section's reputation gets tainted by almost-incessant, poisonous beat-ups of the National Broadband Network coming from elsewhere on the masthead. These have done it few favours in the regards of Australia's technology community.


In other words, it's just like their coverage of climate science and renewable energy.

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The Australian really is now little more than a Rightwing thinktank whose newsletter happens to be the national daily...

Shame on them.

But history tells us, that you do not serve watt all your customers want, they do not complain directly and take their custom and friends included, else where.

It is also a given, that all kill a tree for print media, both in Australia and overseas, is in a slow but steady decline, direct to oblivion.

As one door closes, another opens, courtesy of the NBN.

Such is life.

Tell me you were drinking when you wrote that, Daryl!

Actually, 'ianam', I was watching a new very sobering TED Talk video by Dave Roberts, over at the very informative resourceful John Cook's "skeptical science".

Link: -

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." Winston Churchill

So maybe it was the sobering distraction that resulted in that
ungrammatical mess.

The Australian's new purpose (since 2002) isn't journalism, it's lobbying.

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