Blogging on the Brain: 5/25

Highlights from recent brain blogging:

First, a new edition of Encephalon.

Physicalism and Panpsychism - a book review by Jerry Fodor. Looks like a pretty nice book...

And here, Fodor explains mental representation to his aunt.

Silicon smackdown - an article in the June Scientific American talks about new algorithms for playing the ancient board game Go, one of the last quantitative arenas where humans are clearly superior to machines. Subscription only, sorry guys.

Whistle, Bark and Groan - with a dolphin accent?

Thinking Meat comments on a NYT article on the social construction of reality. Scientists seem to dislike this mode of thought, but for bad reasons I think...

More problems with formal economic decision theory.

Signal processing algorithms for brain-computer interfaces

Pete Mandik's new book is mentioned over at Neurophilosophy.

A science writing contest here at Seed. Did I mention the $2500 prize?

Think about this video next time you hit your head.

Are twenty-somethings more risk-averse than older people? I wouldn't have expected this one.

New Minds, New Bodies, New Identities - a new lecture series at MIT.

Neurevolution continues its series on grand challenges in neuroscience - the latest being the mystery of how we understand space.

New patents granted to google for large scale machine learning.

Careful how you praise children - it can have remarkable effects on their motivation.

Have a nice weekend!


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I don't get this. "Neurevolution continues its series on grand challenges in neuroscience - the latest being the mystery of how we understand space" Could you please enlighten me on this? I keep following all your posts hope you can regularly post more. I get very useful information here. Thanks for having this.

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