The flying spaghetti monster appears at the Fremont Solstice Parade

Arrgh. Fremont is just crawling with Pastafarians.

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More Solstice parade pictures.

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I was there in sauce and spirit.

I find it amazing that in a daytime parade that body paint was considered acceptable cover for topless women. I'm not complaining, I am just surprised that they weren't told to cover up in "The name of decency."

I need to get me out to Seattle.

A protestor with a huge 'repent' sign was touched by His noodly appendage at the corner of 34th and Fremont. I didn't see whether the sign holder had been reformed by this action, though.

I had to explain the FSM to the woman next to me...

it was fun going through the faire, the Seattle Athiests were three or four booths down from the Scientologists...

That protester is there with the same sign every year. one hopes the noodle had an effect and he won't be back...

there was a sign at the beer garden at gasworks requiring a minimum of a 'painted top' to enter.


I keep missing the Fremont Parade(I keep wanting to go there so I can see the Naked Bikers!), but something intervenes or sneaks up on me every year! I would love to have seen the Flying Spaghetti Monster, though. Only in Fremont. . . .
Anne G

If I recall correctly, the naked cyclists usually show up a the pride fest on capitol hill as well, so try this coming weekend. they were there last year.

And how was the Nude bicycle Troop this year? Alas, having left the sleepy grey coccoon of Magnolia and Lake City for DC, I don't get to see such things any more.

There were lots of them! I've never seen so many nude bicyclists in the parade before.

There's just something about the Solstice, and well, about Fremont, too, that seems to inspires sun worship. Of course, we don't see the sun that often and it's been a really cold spring...

If you missed the FSM in Fremont he'll be making an appearance at the Seattle LGBTQ Pride Parade on Sunday June 29th.