Visit the Galápagos for free! (as an avatar)

The Galápagos islands rank high on my list of places that I really, really, really want to visit. But for many reasons, it's always looked like a trip to the Galápagos would be at least a decade or two away.

Now, I'll be able to go in January and so will all of you.

Thanks to the University of Cincinnati, we'll be able to follow in Darwin's historic steps, and experience some of his amazing journey.

The only difference is we'll do this trip as avatars in Second Life.

The University is stocking this intriguing exhibit with photos and images from the Galápagos, as part of a 150 year anniversary celebration of Darwin's groundbreaking work.

From what I've read about Darwin and his issues with seasickness, he might preferred visiting in Second Life, too.

HT: Wired Campus

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