The origin of creationism

Have you ever wondered if creationism was intelligently designed?

Most of my colleagues tend to dismiss creationism as generally nutty and not worth bothering about. But, every now and then, we did get the odd situation with a few students who disagree or state legislatures that get a little confused about the definition of science.

This video lecture is a bit long, but definitely interesting.

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Fantastic video presentation, couldn't asked for more as newbie blogger!!..

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Thank you for posting this up. It is interesting! Especially since I've just had a rash of dealing with creationists; one who was just completely ignorant of biology, and another who was the brand of "I don't care WHAT the physical evidence says, if it contradicts the Bible it's wrong!" O_o

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Of the major difficulties in understanding creation myths is answering the question "to what degree did the ancients understand them as literal?" If, ten thousand years from now, archeologists unearthed some remains of contemporary American civilization, based only on this evidence, they could easily assume that Americans believed in literal creatures called Santa Clauses, flying reindeer, tooth fairies, and odd white men who wore the label, "Mr. Clean," to name but a few examples. Few persons today in fact believe that the sun rises or sets, the earth has four corners, that rain falls (it is pulled). automobiles are self-movers, (auto self, mobile = move) motion pictures are pictures that move, movement of finger or other bone joints is "cracking one's knuckles" or that cameras "take" a picture (after the picture is taken," the "picture" is obviously still there). These vivid figures of speech we take for granted, and no one except possibly children and retarded adults understands them literally.

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