The Creozerg Visit to the Creation Musuem

I wish I coulda been there ... by all accounts it sounds like the Creozerg visit to the Creation Museum went well. A couple of kids were thrown out because they said things or whatever, which is good because it shows that the whole point of the creation museum is to express, secure, and protect a particular point of view and to supress others. For your entertainment, I've collected a handful of links from the event. Please visit these links, and if you are a social neworking kinda person, digg-em-up or stumbleuponthem or whatever. It would be very nice, would it not, if over the next few months anyone who sought information on the creation museum found lots of these stories on the top of the google food chain?

If you have a blog, you know what to do. and in case you don't, just open this page (the one you are reading now) with Firefox, and hit ctrl U. Then, find the code for the list of links, copy, paste, blog.

Visit the The Creation Museum of Kentucky!

.. A Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis production ..

Expelled from the Creation "Museum"
See what you missed?
A little taste of the strangeness
Creation Museum Highlight
Photos from the trip
Secular Student Alliance Conference and Creation "Museum" Trip: After the Visit
Atheists Invade Creation Museum
PZ Myers and Hemant Mehta at the Creation Museum
CreoZerg! PZ Myers and 285 Atheists Visit Creation Museum
P.Z. Myers Rides A Dinosaur!
Quick Random thoughts on the Creation Museum
The Creation Museum visit
Pharyngulates at the Creation Museum
I CreoZerg'd all day today
I Went to CreoZerg
Makul insanlar yaratılıÅçı müze gezisinde

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The CreoZerg (and I'm not entirely sure what a Creo-Zerg is) is underway. PZ Myers and the atheists are moving in to the creation museum. Details here. Twittering here.
I'm currently at Edwin and Helen Kagin's house, 15 minutes from the Creation "Museum" — we'll be heading off to the event around 9am, but first we have to be fed, and the Kagins are infamous for stuffing their guests. I may have to waddle through the theme park. We have 285 people signed up so far…
You know, it wasn't just me at the horrible little creationist theme park — there were over 300 of us! In this blog entry, I intend to collect your stories about the zerg in Kentucky. E-mail links to me and I'll add them to this list. Or, if you'd rather, just leave links in the comments here and…
The Creation "Museum" is experiencing some dread and trepidation about our visit, and they have sent a letter to me and to the SSA expressing their concerns. These are some reasonable worries, given that there will be a huge number of us (240 and counting) showing up in one mass. Here's what they…

Half of these links are virtually content free if discounting the pic of PZ Meyers riding the dino. The Thomas Society is worth a click however.

By Bill James (not verified) on 08 Aug 2009 #permalink

Bill-I guess people who were there haven't gotten around to blogging more extensively about the experience yet. A link to my site was included in the links above and all I had was pretty much just the PZ picture, but I just added another much longer post about it, visit if you're interested :)

Thanks for linking to my blog Greg!