Will Walmart Follow Ford's Lead?

Ever on the lookout for any company who dares to acknowledge that there are gay people on the planet, the American Fascist Family Association is now targeting Walmart because - ohmygod! - they're looking for ways to market products to gay people to get a share of the half a trillion dollars they have to spend:

AFA spokesman Randy Sharp says his organization has obtained a copy of a Wal-Mart staff memo inviting home office associates to a seminar on December 16 entitled "Why Market to Gay America?" The memo, dated December 8, notes that America's homosexual community has $610 billion in purchasing power, and that the seminar -- sponsored by Wal-Mart's Office of Diversity -- will "provide insight into the purchasing decisions of GLBT [gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender] customers."

Sharp says Wal-Mart has long been seen as a shopping place that supports family values. But now, he says, that image is in question.

"Basically what they're doing is they're giving their stamp of approval on homosexuality, recognizing it as a facet in America that deserves their support and their encouragement," he says. "And they want their business."

Sharp is calling on family advocates to contact Wal-Mart headquarters at 1-800-WALMART and make their concerns known about Friday's pro-homosexual seminar.

Can you believe this? Personally, I am shocked - shocked! - to find out that a major retail store would attempt to sell products to immoral people. It's an outrage! We have to stop them. If we don't, the next thing you know they'll be allowing pagans to buy food. Why, they'll be selling cheap socks to humanists, dishwashing liquid to infidels and motor oil to - shhhhhh - negroes.

Dogs and cats, living together...mass hysteria. --Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters

I thought social conservatives were supposed to be in favor of the free market. They sure use a lot of rhetoric about it, and they sure do blast those "socialists" a lot. Yet here they are trying to prevent a company from increasing its market share solely because they want to sell products to people that the religious right doesn't approve of. I'll take cognitive dissonance for $1000, Alex. Let's just hope Walmart follows Ford's lead and tells these halfwit cretins to go jump in a lake.


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Walmart has decided to join the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, in an obvious attempt to sell products to a group of people with significant disposable income. The result, predictably, is a major freakout by the religious right. Now I know, we hear from conservatives all the time…
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And just imagine members of the AFA desiring to walk hand-in-hand with those damned, satanic, extreme-radical leftists who are also protesting and boycotting WalMart, albeit for social justice issues. What a lovely TV image that would make.

Maybe this it would be a good thing if they called for a boycott. It would be enlightening to see how Wal-Mart's profits went. Maybe it would show the true strength of this movement of bigots.

The AFA is just looking out for public good; it's a well known fact that you can get aids from touching money that gay people touched.

I'm reminded of comedian Greg Geraldo's line on comedy central the other night that "Let's face it, if you're a Jew and you're shopping at Walmart...things probably haven't exactly gone according to plan."

Actually Ford has reversed their position on advertising to gays. They will in fact now be advertising all Ford lines in advocacy venues. I think it may have something to do with the fact that the first we heard of the afa's boycott wa when Ford caved to them - the first we here of Ford pulling their ads (some folks anyways) from advocacy venues was on The Daily Show, NYT, WaPO, or one of many other publications less than a week after they caved - it's kind of comforting knowing just how much "power" the afa really has compared to - well - everyone else. . .

To prevent retaliers from selling to immoral (= gay) people, and to protect the American Family from the onslaught of immorality, we could require all Gays to wear a pink triangle patch sewn onto their jackets or shirts. Anyone with a pink triangle would not be able to buy food, clothing, cars, or whatever, from any "family-oriented" business. Or hold office, or teach children.

Oh wait, that's been tried already - yeah, hmm, let me think.... Oh yes! I remember now: Germany, 1930's, by a family-orineted party called the National Socialists.

By ZacharySmith (not verified) on 16 Dec 2005 #permalink

And thanks to trickle down economics - I think the afa will have a hard time calling a boycott of a place with the lowest prices on a lot of things. . .Besides if you fallow the afa's "logic" to it's conclusion you would have to boycott an awfull lot of places including anyone selling goods from China (they force abortions you know) any Microsoft products - they have domestic partner beny's the list goes on. . .