Scratch version of Pi estimation

I already went over a Monte Carlo method for estimating Pi - you know, for Pi-Day (March 14). Well, here is a small addition. This is the same thing done in Scratch.


If you create an account on Scratch, you can download the code of any project. I like Scratch.

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Happy Pi-day!
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Do you think that you could include the animation behind a cut? It slows my browser down like crazy every time I load. When I try to search multiple times, I have to reload the main page several times. Thanks!


Sorry about that - I was sort of worried about that app autorunning. I have replaced it with picture and a link to the scratch website. Hope that fixes it.


My wife found the same thing - I suspect it is a problem with Scratch's random number generator. I could be wrong though.

WOW! This is the first time I've heard of Scratch. I teach algebra to 8th graders and this is exactly the kind of tool I've been looking for. The possibilities are overwhelming. Thanks for the tip!