Afghanistan: perspective

Last day of 2009, another year of war. A good time to step back and try for perspective. We'll let a young Nanci Griffith do it for us with this wonderful song by Julie Gold:

Happy New Year to all our readers, whether near or from a distance.
The Reveres, New Year's Eve, 2009

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Ever have anything informative to post about Afghanistan? Like maybe political science articles loosely/closely related to this war you despise?

yup- just yup.

we in canada lost a soldier/teacher, another four soldiers and a journalist while you lost eight soldiers and seven cia on the smae day, i believe. kind of messed up.

and just so yo know, our prime minister is proroguing parliament for the next two months or so ( a form of suspended government) so as not to have to answer some pesky questions about canada possibly contributing to afghani torture- google richard colvin if you want to see a hoopla. harper and his cronies are hoping that if parliament is suspended until after the olympics the outside world will not know about what is going on. and you thought canada to be kinder and gentler??