Helsinki Finland Bird List

Talitiainen (Great Tit), Parus major.

Photographed in Hietaniemen hautausmaa (Hietaniemi cemetery), Helsinki, Finland.

Image: GrrlScientist, 24 November 2008 [larger view].

Here's my list of birds seen in the Helsinki area of Finland during my two visits. Even though I only visited for 8 days in November 2008, I actually went out on a birding trip with several grad students from the University of Helsinki, while I only once went birding during my much longer February/March 2009 visit -- to see the Eagle-owls that are nesting on the Lutheran Church (name?) in downtown Helsinki.

Helsinki Finland Bird List:

  1. Jouhisorsa (Northern Pintail), Anas acuta -- February/March 2009
  2. Lapasorsa (Northern Shoveler), Anas clypeata -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  3. Sinisorsa (Mallard), Anas platyrhynchos -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  4. Telkkä (Common Goldeneye), Bucephala clangula -- February/March 2009
  5. Tukkakoskelo (Red-breasted Merganser), Mergus serrator -- February/March 2009
  6. Isokoskelo (Goosander), Mergus merganser -- February/March 2009
  7. Kanadanhanhi (Canada Goose), Branta canadensis -- February/March 2009
  8. Kyhmyjoutsen (Mute Swan), Cygnus olor -- February/March 2009
  9. Kalalokki (Common, or Mew, Gull), Larus canus -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  10. Merilokki (Great Black-backed Gull), Larus marinus -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  11. Naurulokki (Black-headed Gull), Larus ridibundus -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  12. Harmaahaikara (Grey Heron), Ardea cinerea -- November 2008
  13. Pikku-uikku (Little Grebe), Tachybaptus ruficollis -- November 2008
  14. Sepelkyyhky (Common Wood-Pigeon), Columba palumbus -- November 2008
  15. Turturikyyhky (Eurasian Collared-Dove), Streptopelia decaocto -- November 2008
  16. kesykyyhky/pulu (Rock Dove), Columba livia -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  17. *Varpushaukka (Eurasian Sparrowhawk), Accipiter nisus -- February/March 2009
  18. Isolepinkäinen (Great Grey Shrike), Lanius excubitor -- November 2008
  19. Korppi (Common Raven), Corvus corax -- February/March 2009
  20. Mustavaris (Rook), Corvus frugilegus -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  21. Kottarainen (Common Starling), Sturnus vulgaris -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  22. Naakka (Eurasian Jackdaw), Corvus monedula -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  23. Harakka (Black-billed Magpie), Pica pica -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  24. Tilhi (Bohemian Waxwing), Bombycilla garrulus -- November 2008
  25. Mustarastas (Eurasian Blackbird), Turdus merula -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  26. Puukiipijä (Eurasian Tree-Creeper), Certhia familiaris -- February/March 2009
  27. Sinitiainen (European Blue Tit), Cyanistes caeruleus -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  28. Talitiainen (Great Tit), Parus major -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  29. Pyrstötiainen (Long-tailed Tit), Aegithalos caudatus -- November 2008
  30. Kuusitiainen (Coal Tit), Periparus ater -- November 2008
  31. Hippiäinen (Goldcrest), Regulus regulus -- November 2008
  32. Varpunen (House Sparrow), Passer domesticus -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  33. Nokkavarpunen (Hawfinch), Coccothraustes coccothraustes -- November 2008 & February/March 2009
  34. Viherpeippo (European Greenfinch), Carduelis chloris -- February/March 2009
  35. Peippo (Chaffinch), Fringilla coelebs -- November 2008
  36. Punatulkku (Eurasian Bullfinch), Pyrrhula pyrrhula -- November 2008 & February/March 2009

Alas, on this visit, I missed seeing the pair of Huuhkaja (Eurasian Eagle-Owls), Bubo bubo, that are nesting on a Lutheran Church in downtown Helsinki.

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What, no punatulkku (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)? It would have been absolutely the right time of the year for those on this latest visit of yours.

Merganser would be, I think, tukkakoskelo ("Merganser with The Hair). Goosander then is isokoskelo (Big Merganser).
Gray heron -- harmaahaikara (literal translation).
Little grebe -- pikku-uikku (literal again.

juuro -- it's very good to hear from you again! thanks for reminding me of the punatulkku i've seen -- i saw this species on both trips, in fact.

i thought i had posted my helsinki bird list after my last visit, but was surprised that i could not find it to add the sightings from this list to it, so this is from recall, and without my host's bird book to refer to.

Just to complete your list ;)
Rock Dove = Kalliokyyhky (although they probably were feral pidgeons of the species = kesykyyhky/pulu)
European Greenfinch = Viherpeippo
Common Starling = Kottarainen

Cheers! NB

The name of a Lutheran church in Helsinki is more than moderately difficult question. Finns are perhaps about 80% Lutheran, and definitely more than 80% of churches are Lutheran.

The Kallio church has traditionally been known as an owly site. There have been remarks in the blogs of a Bubo bubo at or near Johannes-church, as well as Hietaniemi chapel. A methodist church in Töölö has had one of those in earlier years as well.

My guess would be Johannes-church (St.John's; don't ask me which St.John) -- a gothic revival redbrick in the southern city.

juuro -- the lutheran church was on the western side of downtown helsinki. it was near a very nice restaurant that i dined at one evening .. my host should remember the name of the restaurant (or perhaps, of the church itself), otherwise, i'll have to look around for their business card, which i brought home with me.