The fountains of Etna

Etna 2008

Over the weekend, Mt. Etna (Italy) had some spectacular Strombolian fire-fountaining. Lucky for us, Marco Fulle and a group went up to the summit on Friday (the 13th) and got some great pictures of the current (ongoing) eruption which have been posted on Stromboli Online. Sounds like the eruption has been increasing in the past week, so it could be a busy summer in the Aeolian Island of Italy.

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Wow its cool!!!!! Does anyone know a piece of imaginative writing or poem about Mt Etna???? Im doing a project.

Thank you and
Well done!

By footyrocks.luvlfc (not verified) on 02 Jan 2009 #permalink

the pic is a 10/10 any day!!!!!!!!!!!!

x well done x

By footyrocks.luvlfc (not verified) on 02 Jan 2009 #permalink

Hello, I'm doing a project about the volcano which erupted in Italy, Etna in 2009. I can't seem to find any information on the internet, all i can find is about the volcano which erupton in 2003.
Please help :s
By the way the pictures are great !!