Juxtaposition #6

The Bridesmaid
John Everett Millais

The Now Smash Of Style for Vogue Italia, via Haute Macabre
May 2009
Craig McDean

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It's difficult to tell which of these is more haunting and bizarre, but the resemblance is profound.

By Joe Leasure (not verified) on 15 May 2009 #permalink

I do love Coilhouse! I try to not steal all their posts - and Haute Macabre's too. Sometimes I think I should just put BioE on an autofeed from Haute Macabre and Coilhouse for a few days and no one would notice I was gone. . .

I think we would notice J! One of the _many_ things I've enjoyed about your blog is cross posting and your old blog roll before you moved to scienceblogs. I think I found HC and CH via you. I like finding new cool blogs to track on Google Reader. Pink Tentacle is another favourite. It makes me feel very finger on the pulse, since I often end up reading about some things before they even appear in mainstream media or become an actual trend.