Southern Chile says it is ready for your visit

It has been awhile since we've talked of Chaiten, so I thought I'd touch upon "the eruption of 2008" (really, no one else is close). Spring time has arrived in southern Chile, and the Patagonia area has cleaned up a lot of the ash from the eruption (but not the town of Chaiten). National Tourism Service says that most towns and parks in the region are ready for tourists and even some tourist companies near Chaiten are good to go.

As for the volcano itself, the latest USGS update reports ash columns still being erupted and reaching up to 12,000 ft (3,700 meters), along with a "thermal anomaly" in the vent area - likely lava at the dome or near the surface - detected via satellite.

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To keep us up to date on the goings-on at Chaiten in southern Chile, well, the volcano is still erupting! Yes, two weeks in and heavy ash is still being erupted from vent. The latest reports are vague, but Chilean officials are saying things like "There's been additional volcanic activity that we…

. While Futaleufu continues to engage aggressive ash removal, the amounts that remain on heavily wooded hillsides, and yards, and on streets have created a new problem as the drier, windier days of our summer approach. November 4th, Futa was enveloped in an ash storm that proved worse than the initial ash fall of the early weeks of May. Our usual spring and summer winds whipped ash up in stinging waves, and at times it was difficult to see across the street.

Out towards Azul, in the area where rafting companies operate, they have been mostly spared. Ash fall in those areas seem minimal. But following on a map from the Argentine border along the road towards Chaiten to Lago Lancanoa, the ash is considerable.

There are no fish kills however. Rio Azul is clear. The Futa is clear in most areas. I've not been as far as Yelcho, but all reports are that it is not negatively affected. Rio Espolon is clearing, the only issue being that significant ash build up on the banks and in the valley are creating intolerable conditions for enjoying the area.

Six or more hours of rain late November 4th put down the ash, however as anyone here knows, the dry windy season is upon us and the ash will most likely be even more of a problem come December. I wish it wasn't so. Masks and goggles are back in vogue. Here is a link to a very short video I took out the window on a sunny November 4th day.

By Vicki Lansen (not verified) on 08 Nov 2008 #permalink

Moderate quake in Chaiten area.

16-NOV-2008 19:12:49 -43.60 -72.02 4.8 78.6 SOUTHERN CHILE

Quite deep and probably has no implications for volcanic activity.