Redoubt Eruption Round Up

i-992a115d0985b5e873d8a6ddacedd20c-Redoubt Volcano steaming over Anchorage from Eagle R. 6780.jpg

Redoubt on 3/15/2009, from Eagle River overlooking Anchorage. Photo courtesy of Calvin Hall

I'm breaking this out of the comments of the "Redoubt Erupts!" post just to keep things up-to-date.

As of now, we know:

  • At least 5 explosions have occurred as part of the eruption
  • Ash has drifted to the NNE and W - both as seen on radar and as reports of ash falling in Skwentna and the Chuitna area - and so far missing populated areas (see above)
  • The ash cloud is believe to have reached as high as 50,000 feet/15,000 meters - prompting an aviation warning/restrictions and cancellation of flights out of Anchorage's Ted Stevens Airpor UPDATE 2PM Pacific 3/23: Some more flight information, including cancellations from Fairbanks as well.
  • No images of the eruptions so far, but AVO will attempt an overflight later today (3/23)
  • The Hut Webcam is out, but it is not known if this is because of the eruption, snow or even dead batteries. The Cook Inlet webcam is just cloudy.
  • The Air Force is only letting essential personnel report to work at Elmendorf AFB.
  • No evidence of lahars or pyroclastic flows - so far.

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