Mystery Volcano Photo #3

OK, well, apparently MVP #2 was waaay too easy because Elizabeth got it on the first try - it was indeed Villarrica in Chile - I'll post something on Villarrica later this weekend. Anyway, for the weekend, I'll leave you with this photo. Hopefully it won't be so easy ... but then again, you all seem to be pretty good at this.

volcanista - 1
Elizabeth - 1
all the rest of you - 0

The new photo:


Good luck.

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*sigh*. Well, on Monday when we try this again, expect a doooozy.

Nice job, Ralph.

Going into the weekend:
volcanista - 1
Elizabeth - 1
Ralph - 1
All the rest of yous - 0

seems No.3 was too easy as well :) either that or you miss judged just how resourceful and intelligent us readers are :)

It's all the numerous volcano cams out there now, plus the recent activity at Galeras -- I actually recognized the fields before I did the volcano (G). Thought I was going to get a point -- Ralph is *fast*!

Looking forward to Monday! Thank you for this feature -- it's fun.