Mystery Volcano Photo #5

So far, Eruptions readers have nailed every one of the Mystery Volcano Photos posted, usually within the first two guess. That leaves our standings as:

volcanista - 1
Elizabeth - 1
Ralph - 1
Cam - 1
The field - 0

Here's a MVP for you to identify. Good luck!


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I don't recognize it right off the bat, but I'll speculate that it's in the Galapagos Islands, which should eliminate that island group if my past record of guesses is any indication...

out of curiosity, will "the rest of you," AKA "the field" ever have a non-zero score?

Sam K. - In theory, you're right. However, as a motivational tool, hopefully people will want to separate themselves from the zero-scoring "field". It is all part of my clever mind games.

Havent got the foggiest on that one.
If no-one gets it do you score a point Erik? :)

A wild guess; Cerro Negro? OTOH the surroundings look pretty cold from that rather gloomy pic, so an even wilder one, Karymsky's summit crater, looking out over the Akademia Nauk caldera.

Hmmmm. Volcano in a wide caldera, breached to the sea on one side. Maybe Anatahan?

By Big Noodle (not verified) on 24 Sep 2009 #permalink

@Big Noodle: Definitely not Anatahan - that's a small island so you won't see any bays - you either see the mountain or the ocean. That photo of Sarigan should give you an idea what Anatahan is like. Sure there are the rims of enormous calderas in that region of the Pacific and forming chains of small islands, but not within sight of Anatahan.

By MadScientist (not verified) on 24 Sep 2009 #permalink

Mono craters, with the Sierra's in the background? My second guess was on the red sea, either in Yemen or across the way.

northern rift volcanoes in Kenya ??

By robert somerville (not verified) on 24 Sep 2009 #permalink

I think for sure it is in Africa,Ethopia I am gussing. Either Dalaffilla or Erta Ale is my first guess

By Chance Metz (not verified) on 24 Sep 2009 #permalink


It's the mountains in the background that make it tricky. Otherwise I'd pick any of a number of hot spot volcanoes like the Canaries or something but those mountains look ike the product of folding rather than volcanism (you have to squint a lot). Yet here we have a relatively fluid mafic lava cone in the foreground.

Nope can't place it.

That sloping ridge on the right could be the shoulder of a large shield volcano.

By bruce stout (not verified) on 24 Sep 2009 #permalink

I think Chance Metz is right, looks a lot like Erta Ale.

By VolcanoMan (not verified) on 24 Sep 2009 #permalink

I think Anna's definitely got it. You can see the salt flats across the lake!

Yup, Anne, you got it! It took a few more guesses than the last few times, but you all still got it. A bit more about the volcano later today.