Forced vacation, Day 7

Home again, home again, jiggety jog. Arnie and I are back in OK (on the way home we learned how The Evidence(TM) supports Creation!).

Unfortunately, teh puppahs arent as happy as I am. Arnie spent the entire week playing with my parents ~1 year old black lab, Daisy. From the second we arrived to the second I drug him out of the backyard, these two wrestled/chased/tug-of-wared. I actually didnt get much sleep on my 'vacation' because Arnie was up at 5 am every morning, wanting to play. His front paws are red and swollen from playing so much. He has rug burn on his tummy from wrestling on the carpet... I went to a wedding Saturday/Sunday, and normally Arnie has really bad separation anxiety, but he didnt give a crap this time. He had a new best buddy. He and Daisy were inseparable this past week.

They had a good time:

But now the puppahs are depressed. Mom says Daisy has just been moping around the house, looking for Arnie. Arnie was Super Grump all the way home, and how hes just crashed on his bed:

Poor puppahs :(


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Aww... Poor Arnie...

By Hamsterpoop (not verified) on 05 Aug 2008 #permalink

Actually this just shows that you need two dogs. (We currently have four.) Dogs, being pack animals, really like the company.

The squeaky toys are chewier and harder to swallow.

Is there a chance that The Evidence(tm) is producable?

Er... I mean - "reproducable", I guess.

I *really* mean - (tries *not* to smirk) - is it "Evidence"?

By marc buhler (not verified) on 05 Aug 2008 #permalink

Welcome back Abbie- everyone's waiting to hear your impression of this new thing about abzymes :) Inform us!

By Stephen Wells (not verified) on 05 Aug 2008 #permalink

...on the way home we learned how The Evidence(TM) supports Creation!

Oooh! Tell us, puhleeze. Enquiring minds want to know!

This is pretty much the same way Max reacts every time we leave my dad's house. You'd think he'd be happy because the scrappy little corgis are no longer nipping his face and trying to herd him. But apparently he really misses them.

Awww, poor Arnie. Maybe he does need a playmate. How are you going to deal with two doggies in your place though? You might come home to find the couch has been eaten. If you do decide to get another animal, make sure he likes him/her first though, sometimes a dog can get along with a certain dog wonderfully and then hates some other dog.

Well, dags ARE social animals after all.

I used to have a chow that would get severely depressed if there wasn't another dog around.