Weiner dog vs Weener dog

Ive been pet-sitting a friends weiner dog for about a week now. Nother 2 weeks to go.

I wish I could have a reality TV show around to film Arnie and Alexs interactions, because they pretty much hate each other. Not in an 'IM GOING TO EAT YOU!' sort of way-- I can leave them alone together, and theyre fine. Its more like an 'Odd Couple' sort of way. And its hysterical.

Both of them love walkies.
Arnie gets so excited he stomps on Alex.
Alex gets so excited she pulls her little cord leash all around Arnies legs so he trips.

Arnie is a professional player. He always wants to play tug-of-war/shoe/fetch/wrestle.
Alex has no idea what any of those 'games' are. The only 'game' Alex plays is laying on her back and wiggling like a flatworm when I scream the 'C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S-O-N-G SONG' from SpongeBob.

Arnie tries to wrestle with Alex.
Alex doesnt want to wrestle. So she just beats up Arnie until he runs and hides in my bedroom.

Arnie likes to watch me cook in the kitchen, laying on the red rug in front of the sink.
Alex likes to watch me cook in the kitchen, laying on the rug in front of the sink, after she scares Arnie away.

Arnie doesnt talk much. Lets out a 'woof!' if that bitch-ass dog that bit him walks by. Growls at the windows when it hails. Thats about it.
Alex is extremely chatty. You can have conversations with her for hours. And she will totally let you know when the neighbors come in from partying at 2 am, and 'Youre welcome.'

Its hard to get pics of these two, cause theyre always moving, and theyre dark, and everything I own is black/brown/navy (hides dog hair)-- but this pic pretty much sums it up. I left the dog red-eye so you could see Arnies fearful glaces at Alex. LOL!!!


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The Plan for Arnie, since Day 1, was for him to be a therapy dog. I love volunteering for hospitals/hospice/retirement homes, I live right next to a VA/childrens/regular hospitals, and Arnie is an incredibly happy, social dog. Its a natural fit. But when Arnie was a puppy, it became clear that he…
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I love seeing animals' different personalities come out when they interact. We have a pound mutt and two Bengal cats. One of the cats is a shy guy but the female doesn't seem to care much for the dog and just shoves/swats/bosses him around constantly. It's pretty hilarious especially since he's about 6 times bigger than she is and could easily make her into cat meat if he realized it.

She even knows when we are scolding him and will run into the room at the sound of raised voices to give him a swat on the nose. We try to discourage it but it's still funny as hell.

By Uncephalized (not verified) on 20 Jul 2009 #permalink

I've been very lucky with Dummkatz. He got accepted by the neighbours immediately.

Well, the fat beagle did bark at him, but he got a claw in his face by Hamilton, the seven-year-old, seven kilogram Maine Coon mix.

He incidentally used to be very reserved, but in the last month or so he's grown quite cuddly. Accepts even me. Funny how that works.

Could be stranger. Back when they were both alive, our ferret and our Akita chased each other around the house.

Funniest thing ever was when the ferret caught the Akita. His whole body was smaller than the bottom of the Akita's foreleg, but he wrapped his legs around it and gnawed away like he was going to eat the whole thing. The Akita just looked at him there, then lifted the paw up and sort of shook it. That didn't work, so he just put the paw down and waited for his turn to chase.

If I'd had a video camera I'd be rich now.

By D. C. Sessions (not verified) on 20 Jul 2009 #permalink

You've got to watch those weiner dogs. Once my brother was over at a friend's house, eating dinner. he was petting their weiner dog, and it bit him right on the nose, out of nowhere, drawing quite a lot of blood. His friend said, "oh, well, he's normally a nice dog.." The matronly grandmother at the table pipes up: "He's NOT a nice dog! He's a horrible dog! He's mean, he goes for the face!"

Wiener dogs FTW.

By Daddy Stegosaurus (not verified) on 20 Jul 2009 #permalink

That weiner dog appears to be a demon with glowing red eyes. Watch out!

By Nick (Matzke) (not verified) on 20 Jul 2009 #permalink

If I'd had a video camera I'd be rich now.

1. Make dog/ferret video 2. ??? 3. Profit!

Not sure about Akita vs ferret, but the pit bull versus ferret genre seems to be well developed already.

Animals can make the oddest couples. When I was a kid, my horse and my brother's Sheltie would play tag in the back yard for hours.

Oh, puppies! I want to see more puppies.

My doggie died last week, preceded 3 days earlier by one of my cats. They didn't really get along; the dog was kind of a wuss and tried to guard my bedroom, and the cat was nicknamed "Piggy the Paranoid" so they coexisted variably based on the cat's current state of paranoia.

The other cat learned the dog was harmless, and would simply jump over her when she was blocking my bedroom door (or even run under her if she was blocking the hall), and the dog could get her sniffs in, causing only indignant squawks. She never growled at the dog, only the Piggy, who tended to act like the 900-pound gorilla about wherever she wanted to park herself.

The remaining cat has taken over the prize dog bed in the living room, something she'd never bothered with before.

Had a pit bull (mix?) years ago, looked just like Arnie, but certainly pit bull in behavior. One parlor trick was to play a gentle tug of war with my hand (really, just one finger under a canine tooth). Strong men would cringe (but not as much as they would when he rested his head in their laps and stared up at them).

By Uncle Glenny (not verified) on 21 Jul 2009 #permalink

One of my profs has a guard llama. That llama will mess you up if you screw with his best bud puppah. Mess you up, while letting out a blood curdling scream. He is terrifying.

windy-- That is so goddamn cute!

Glenny-- AWWWW! SHIT! **BIG HUG**

Dachshund vs. Ferret is also pretty funny. Additionally, I'm looking into maybe getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback next, since my ferret died a few months ago. A friend of mine had one and she was, by far, the most fun dog I've met.

This interaction might be an example of how size of dogs is sometimes not directly connected to dominance. My family has a pit bull somewhat similar to Arnie. She's very good natured. My sister has a very small Yorkie. They get along ok but it is generally clear when interacting that the Yorkie is in charge.

Our pit bull, despite weighing more than our other five dogs combined, is clearly on the bottom of the dominance ladder. He'll just sit there and make sad puppy-dog eyes at me while the pomeranians push him aside to eat the dinner out of his bowl. They'll steal rawhides out of his mouth too, and then he just sits there and pouts. The pomeranians have also discovered that his ears make the best chew toys.

Thanks, ERV.

My pit bull was, I think, dominant with other dogs. For the first few years I had him I took him to the office, where someone else brought in an Australian cattle dog (unneutered and unspayed respectively - hilarity ensued). But if he was *ever* challenged in the slightest, he would attempt to "go for it" and most people couldn't see the warning signs - ears still up, tail wagging a bit, then maybe the slightest amount of elevated back fur, and a lunge, all in less than a second. So I just didn't take the chance. (There was also, technically, a muzzle requirement - Cambridge, MA.)

Profile pic at link.

The other dog was quite different; she was a neighbor's (shared yard) and *instantly* became subservient to a friends dog. After she became mine (poor guy had to go serve his jail time :-) I did, though, have the problem that she'd go after any dog that came near me, even though she was fine when loose in the neighborhood (no longer Cambridge). In fact, once she got loose and was apparently playing with some strangers and their dog and went for a ride in a truck! A real center-of-attention type who would squeal hysterically when anyone she knew visited. She mellowed out about other dogs later.

Last October, Boeing, our dachshund/mini-pin with a supposed TINY bit of chihuahua in him passed away. He was a very well-mannered dog that everyone called a chihuahua, and we couldn't figure it why. We didn't think he looked like one.

After he passed away, we got a purebred dachshund and quickly learned that, yeah, Bo was a chihuahua. Comparing both physical looks and temperament, the two were night and day.

Casanova Frankenstein (our doxie) is pure black and brown evil! He'll decimate a brand-new rope toy in five minutes if we leave him with it. He doesn't chew furniture or shoes, but he destroys all his toys faster and more thoroughly than I've never seen a dog wreck chew toys. Despite his short legs, he also loves the art of the chase. He doesn't care if he's the chaser or the chasee, he'll run for hours so long as there's a target or aggressor available. If he wants to fight, he'll politely take the glasses off my face and then attack, usually going for my goatee.

Of course, we wouldn't give the little wiener up for the world.