This past Tuesday a troupe of SciBlog readers met up in OKC for pizza, beer, and cookies!!

Ill leave it to readers to out themselves if they want (or email me to anonymize you!), but I had to put up a funny pic of Logan, my partner-in-crime from Dembskis infamous OU visit:

And a pic of the good sports at 'the other table' (we didnt have the room I thought we had reserved, so the group got broken up *sad* ), plus a crazy ranting atheist:

Some nice OESE folks sent home some pizza for poor Arnie. It was amazing how fast he went from 'poor baby who cant get up from bed' to 'OMFGPIZZAWANTWANTWANT!!!!'

Thanks for coming, guys!!! I had a ton of fun, and I hope you all did too!


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Sorry to all of the humans, but the picture of Arnie going for the pizza is the best by sooooo far. Glad to hear (and see!) that he's feeling better!

That Arnie picture is very heart-warming, I'm glad he's back to gorging food!

And congrats for the 1,000,000th comments!

schnickty schnickty schnick

I missed the party. I forgot it was scheduled for this week. It looks like y'all had a good time. I'm so happy that Arnie is feeling well enough to gobble down some pizza. Look how big his eyes got! LOL

Hint...don't tell the vet you feed him people food. They might lecture you about how it will give him pancreatitis. I once told a vet that my yorkie loved dried blueberries and I never heard the end of it.

Lol. Should have paid more attention to camera, but I was too busy having fun.

Doesn't have quite the same ring to it as "over nine thousand", but maybe that's just me.

I'm soooo sorry I didn't reserve the room!!!! I was totally thinking it was tonight and not last week. Please forgive me.