Its a small world after all!

I know you all read PZs blag, but I really need to take a moment to point out this bit of irony.

Casey Luskin I mean, 'The Discovery Institute' *WINK!*, just filed a false DMCA claim against a YouTube user for criticizing Luskins appearance on some random FOX News show.

Now, Im fairly certain that it was Casey, not 'The Discovery Institute' that filed the false claim. The DI has a pretty fast and loose interpretation of copyright laws-- I really cant imagine they would have a problem with 'fair use' of their work after they stole 'fairly used' XVIVOs cellular animations in presentations, official DI textbooks, and their EXPELLED commercial movie.

No, Im certain it was Casey who filed the false claim, not the 'DI', because Casey has done this before.

Dear Mr. Lane,

Greetings. At you have a copyrighted photo of me to which I own the copyright. I do not give you permission to post it on your website. Please remove the picture from your website.

Also, you write that I have "dubious credentials." At present, I leave it up to your conscience to decide whether the sources you cite on your website are informed or accurate, or whether the claims you make are accurate, but for your information, I am an attorney in good standing in the State of California (see ) and I hold a B.S. and M.S. in earth sciences from UC San Diego, having done about 4 year's worth of scientific research at Scripps Institution for Oceanography and published a scientific paper out of some of that research. (You seem aware of that paper because you seem to cite it elsewhere on your site.) I continue to do scientific research and am currently preparing some research I have recently done for submission for publication. In any case, at present, I'll let your conscience dictate how you proceed from here regarding whether you now continue to retain on your website the false claim that I have "dubious credentials."



Casey Luskin

Casey then went on to 'encourage' his butt buddy, sexist internet personality Mike LaSalle, to take me out for embarrassing him on the internet.

After failing to sexually intimidate me online, Casey tried to go after me in real life for 'sexually intimidating' an internet troll, whoisyourcreator, aka 'Julie Harbles'.

The same whoisyourcreator whos dreadful behavior led to the deconversion and subsequent science education of this Christian.


Its a small world after all! Its a small world aaaafter all! Its a small world aaaaaafter all! Its a small, small, world!

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Is it wrong that I just had an image of Casey Luskin as a small wooden doll operated entirely by means of a rod up his butt?

Yaknow... being an Atheist who understands science is just more fun isn't it...

I'll take wit and brillance over innanity and lies any day of the week... Keep up the good work!

Clearly, Luskin wants you to change "dubius credentials" to "totally unqualified scientifically and an ignorant and psychopathically inept liar and unquestionably in all regards, an ass hat".

HTH :)

Do you know this woman, sir?
Loaf of bread!

By paulemaule1 (not verified) on 14 Jun 2009 #permalink

Since the small world song is now stuck in my head I am going to find you and when I do I am going to force you to watch expelled over and over.

By the backpacker (not verified) on 15 Jun 2009 #permalink

Optimus P, thank you for posting that first so that I didn't have to.

Will this become a new internet euphemism?


By embertine (not verified) on 16 Jun 2009 #permalink