Oklahoma gets first openly gay state senator!

As much crap as Oklahomans get for being backwards hicks, Oklahoma is a state of many faces. Slowly but surely, the faces of the politicians are starting to represent the diversity of Oklahoma (not just middle-upper-class 'straight' Evangelical white male Oklahomans).

To counter the insane, homophobic rhetoric of Sally Kern, we have an openly, happily transgender Brittany Novotny giving the witch a run for her money.

To counter the current Republican fad of 'personhood amendments', now taking its turn in Oklahoma, we have Constance Johnson making a political statement by adding an amendment to criminalize male masturbation.

To counter dim witted dullards like Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey, who cares more about kidney cells isolated in the 1970s than he cares about the health and well-being of men, women, and children in 2012, we NOW have Oklahoma State Senator Al McAffrey. A man who spends his free time raising money and awareness for HIV/AIDS in Oklahoma. Not just rhetoric about being 'pro-life'-- genuine action that says 'pro-life' without saying a word.

Oklahoma has a lot of dumb hicks.

But not everyone in Oklahoma is a dumb hick.


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Despite his apparent random and brief moments of lucidity, I cant say Im a 'big fan' of Oklahoma senator and physician Tom Coburn (click here to read his completely insane 'analysis' of HIV/AIDS). He says hes 'PRO-LIFE' yet he held up funds for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention in Africa because…
Dear Sally Kern-- GO AWAY. NO ONE LIKES YOU. Yours in Christ-- --ERV Good Ol Sally Kern is in the news again, repeating the same BS that a hateful piece of shit, Fred Pope, was saying that helped drive a gay boy to suicide this time last year. Yaaaaay... Actual quote:You know if you just look at…
Im not gonna lie. We got a lot of shit to put up with in Oklahoma. Batshit insane politicians trying to ban scientists from the state, make federally funded research illegal, hold up HIV/AIDS funding for personal religious reasons, post medical identifiers of women who have abortions online... yeah…
Posted without comment: Anti-abortion "personhood" bill clears Oklahoma senate The bill offers no exceptions in the case of a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest and could mean some forms of contraception such as the "morning after pill" would be unavailable, she said. ----- Oklahoma State…

Really, really glad to see this. OK certainly can use the sane press.

The wrath of God will be upon Oklahoma. Watch out!



"The wrath of God will be upon Oklahoma. Watch out!"

How would you tell?

But not everyone in Oklahoma is a dumb hick.

I would say citation needed, but you're in OK so it's *technically* correct on just that ground.

TylerD: the birds start flying overhead right side up.

How would you tell?

Oh goody. More gayists in power. Maybe when they tak over the world, they'll make secular depressives their anal probe slaves with aids as a reward.

By Undebateable Genius (not verified) on 15 Feb 2012 #permalink

"Undebateable Genius" aka Rob Hood @ 6:


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NJ, you flouirde overdosed monkey snot candian.

Of course he's a candian. What do you think the flouride is meant to offset? Duh! Cavity risk from being a hardcore candian!

"Undebateable Genius" aka Rob Hood @ 8 & 9:

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By Gene Cornwall (not verified) on 15 Feb 2012 #permalink

And he won by a two-to-one margin. Wow. This is in a state which the species called Democratic officeholder is severely endangered even if when straight and evangelical.

The wrath of God will be upon Oklahoma. Watch out!


Last year's nasty hail storm and all those earthquakes were preemptive vengeance. Jesus being his completely merciful self started punishing Oklahoma before it even committed the sin.

By Childermass (not verified) on 15 Feb 2012 #permalink

Rob Hood sockpuppets @ 12,13,14:

{even more proof of undertreated mental illness}

All ya gotta do is recognize his style, out him and prod him a little bit. And out comes a torrent of looney. The truly funny thing is that he doesn't realize that he's making a permanent record of his being unhinged.

Viewed objectively, it's a sad testament to the failure of the US health care system that he can't get the help he clearly needs.

I live in OK myself (all my life) and while yes there are plentiful republicans to be found, there also seem to be a large number of sane folk. Though, that's a personal experience and thus not representative of any wider statistics.

On the whole though, unlike some "redneck" states, the majority of even the most hardcore republicans are content to just wistfully complain about the state of things. Most don't take any actions and the literal gay bashing is usually left to other states. Some of this likely comes from the history of Oklahoma, as an "immigrant state" formed after the civil war and full of various people from around the country as opposed to a "legacy state" like Georgia. I generally consider the "Oklahoma, OK" slogan to be best stated in an apathetic tone, the official emotional state of Oklahoma.

Well, enough of my meandering nonsense. I do have a wholly legitimate quandary. I wonder if voter results would be different if the district layout were changed. When I see how districts are currently set and where the more left wing Oklahomans fall on those lines, I sometimes wonder if the districting was an attempt at gerrymandering.

By Dark Jaguar (not verified) on 16 Feb 2012 #permalink