I sense a disturbance in the Force.

It's like the blogoverse suddenly got more concentrated or something.

Oh wait, I remember! It's move-in day at the newly completed ScienceBlogs Towers! Look at all those moving vans! Look at all those bloggers! A quick run-down of my new neighbors (and their previous addresses) after the jump. And mad props to Sb Towers architect and interior designer Tim Murtaugh!!

The Loom
Carl Zimmer's excellent blog moves from Corante to Sb!
(Old address: http://loom.corante.com/)

The Frontal Cortex
A new blog by Seed's Jonah Lehrer

The World's Fair
A new blog by science educator Dave Ng and professor & McSweeney's science editor Ben Cohen

A Blog Around the Clock
A combination of Bora Zivkovic's three existing blogs, including his popular Science & Politics.
(Old address: http://sciencepolitics.blogspot.com/)

Effect Measure
Public health discussion & argument.
(Old address: http://effectmeasure.blogspot.com/)

Pure Pedantry
A Mount Sinai med student writes on neuroscience, etc., with a dose of humor.
(Old address: http://www.purepedantry.com/)

"The trials, tribulations and joys of a neuroscience grad student."
(Old address: http://www.retrospectacle.blogspot.com/)

Terra Sigillata
A pharmacologist with an interest in separating fact from hype in the field of alternative medicine.
(Old address: http://terrasig.blogspot.com/)

The Cheerful Oncologist
The name says it all...
(Old address: http://thecheerfuloncologist.blogsome.com/)

Evolving Thoughts
Evolution, etc.
(Old address: http://evolvethought.blogspot.com/)

Framing Science
Blog about how the mainstream media defines and presents science.
(Old address: http://framing-science.blogspot.com/)

Good Math, Bad Math
Our first exclusively math blog.
(Old address: http://goodmath.blogspot.com/)

In the Examining Room of Dr. Charles
A doctor's personal stories about practicing medicine.
(Old address: http://drcharles.blogspot.com/)

Chaotic Utopia
Science and philosophy musings from a student in Colorado.
(Old address: http://www.chaoticutopia.com)

A chemistry blog about "what you eat, drink, and breathe."
(Old address: http://www.chemblog.hotserv.dk/)

Discovering Biology in a Digital World
Biology and bioinformatics from a professor turned entrepreneur.
(Old address: http://digitalbio.blogspot.com/)

Dr. Joan Bushwell's Chimpanzee Refuge
Wide-ranging blog named after a Simpsons episode
(Old address: http://docbushwellschimprefuge.blogspot.com/)

Dynamics of Cats
Astrophysics and humor...seriously.
(Old address: http://catdynamics.blogspot.com)

Island of Doubt
Skepticism vs. dogma, by a professional science jounalist.
(Old address: http://www.islandofdoubt.net/)

Keats' Telescope
Blog of a neurobiologist living and working in Germany.
(Old address: http://keatstelescope.blogspot.com/)

Mike the Mad Biologist
Mike is a biologist, and he's mad (as in angry) about the political state of the country.
(Old address: http://mikethemadbiologist.blogspot.com/)

Mixing Memory
"Cognitive psychology, sensation and perception."
(Old address: http://mixingmemory.blogspot.com/)

Neuroscience and assorted goodness from a pseudonymous neuroscience PhD/postdoc.
(Old address: http://neurotransponder.blogspot.com/)

The Corpus Callosum
"Social commentary, neuroscience, politics, and science news."
(Old address: http://corpus-callosum.blogspot.com/)

The Questionable Authority
Science, politics, and science education from a grad student living and working in Hawaii.
(Old address: http://thequestionableauthority.blogspot.com/)

The Scientific Activist
Science and politics from a current Rhodes scholar.
(Old address: http://scientificactivist.blogspot.com/)

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Yes, the population has gotten quite large. In fact, it seems ... well, uncomfortable. I hope I can find my way back to the old friends' places.

By Mark Paris (not verified) on 09 Jun 2006 #permalink

Thanks for the heads up! Wow! Lot of new neighbors indeed!

Moving is always a hassle!

Though the neighbors are numerous, they are excellent -- and the old Sb homepage would have made this kind of population density really crazy. Once you've got the hang of the new one (to which, I have it on good authority, a pull-down menu of the blogs will be added -- there's also an alphabetic list of the blogs about halfway down the left side-bar), everything thing will be good.

Wow, I'm surprised at that some of my favorite med bloggers (Dr. Charles and Cheerful Onc) are moving over, as well as several blogs I've seen on Tangled Bank. Quite an influx!

Hmm, it looks like Chemblog isn't part of the network and hasn't been updated since April. Also, it seems that while there are chemists who blog, there are still no blogs on the network devoted to blogging about chemistry. Any ideas on why other fields are represented better on the network?

Oh, don't worry: I am part of the network, and I have basically refrained from updating due to the fact that, well, the old server wasn't the best, either for popularity or stability. Plus, I have been incredibly busy in the meantime. Don't worry, the Chemblog will soon be back.