Last leg of Sb/DonorsChoose drive: maximizing our impact.

It's been two weeks since we kicked off our first ever ScienceBlogs/DonorsChoose drive to raise money for math and science classrooms. In that time, 172 generous readers have donated a total of $13,685.14 and SEED has kicked in $10,000.

But there are three days left of the drive, and I know you all have some greatness left in you.

Here's the deal: Of the 19 blogs participating in this drive, only Pharyngula reached its challenge goal. This would be no big deal if we were just concerned with interblog bragging rights. But, there's more at stake here: the good people at DonorsChoose are kicking in another 10% of the funds raised for each compeleted challenge. The Pharynguloids raised $6257.51, so DonorsChoose is giving PZ $625.75 to fund more teachers' proposals.

In other words, for the last three days of the drive, we need to focus on the bloggers with challenges that are closest to completion so we can get additional money from DonorsChoose and do even more good.

Details of the strategy (plus some current stats) below the fold.

The six bloggers closest to reaching their challenge goals are:

  1. Stranger Fruit (47.4%)
  2. Evolgen(42.0%)
  3. The World's Fair (30.4%)
  4. The Questionable Authority (24.4%)
  5. Terra Sigillata (17.3%)
  6. Cognitive Daily (16.6%)

Let's start right of the top of that list and give till the challenges are met! Each one of these challenges that meets or exceeds its goal gets an additional contribution from DonorsChoose worth 10% of the total the challenge raises. Show DonorsChoose that we can do the math on this! (Also, don't forget that Dave and Greta at Cognitive Daily have promised their own 10% match of your contributions to their challenge. )

For those who love their stats:


  1. Stranger Fruit ($132.64)
  2. A Blog Around the Clock ($116.50)
  3. Good Math, Bad Math ($110.34)
  4. Discovering Biology in a Digital World ($100.00)
  5. Terra Sigillata ($86.35)

Donors per 1000 hits:

  1. Terra Sigillata (4.96)
  2. Evolgen (2.35)
  3. Stranger Fruit (2.02)
  4. Afarensis (1.89)
  5. The Questionable Authority (1.74)

$ raised per hit:

  1. Terra Sigillata ($0.43)
  2. Stranger Fruit ($0.27)
  3. Afarensis ($0.13)
  4. Uncertain Principles ($0.10)
  5. Evolgen ($0.082)

The links to all the challenges that are still open can be found in my left sidebar (right under that thermometer). But let's finish the ones closest to their goals first!

And don't forget: If you want to be in the drawing for the fabulous prizes, when Donors Choose sends you a confirmation email, forward it to: This is your contest entry. Starting July 5, we'll select random enties and keep going till we've given away all the prizes.

Keep making us proud!

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Thanks for your support, Janet!

I should add that Cognitive Daily is now up to 27 percent of its goal -- and that we will kick in another 10 percent ourselves if the goal is reached, so CogDaily's challenge does indeed provide lots of bang for your donation buck! We're now focusing on fully funding one project -- the Shocking Simplicity of Electric Circuits, which will allow our donors to have a real sense of accomplishment, and make a real difference in these kids' lives.

Stranger Fruit is now at 64%, but all their listed projects are fully funded. Cog Daily is zooming up there, now at 32%, plus they offer the extra matching. Another factor to consider is how much is needed to complete each challenge:

Stranger Fruit -- 64%, $508 remaining, all projects funded
Evolgen -- 42%, $290 remaining
The World's Fair 30%, $696 remaining
The Questionable Authority 24%, $496 remaining
Terra Sigillata -- 17%, $2895 remaining
Cognitive Daily -- 32%, $684 remaining

All told, I think Cognitive Daily is a donor's best bet, so that's where my puny contribution went. (Puny contributions add up, that's the point of internet fundraising!)