Holiday meme the first: Hanukah.

On a post where I mentioned the eight-nights'-worth-of-gifts challenge, Liz left a comment that kind of tagged me with Flea's Hanukah meme.

Since the Free-Ride household celebrates both Hanukah and Christmas, the Christmas meme will be up next.

Hold onto your kippah -- here we go!

1. Latkes or Sufganiyot?

Latkes. However, after a bunch of years where all my attempt to make my own met with disappointment -- either the latkes were greasy, or the potatoes tasted raw, or both -- I now only use the Trader Joe's frozen latkes. They taste excellent, and I have mastered the necessary skill set to make them (heat 8 minutes on each side).

2. Multi-colored candles or blue-and-white?

Blue and white, usually, but sometimes multi-colored.

3. Do you place the Hanukiah by the window or away from the window?

There are flammable curtains on our windows (and no sturdy surfaces on which to place a Hanukiah without risk of tip-over), so the kitchen table is where it all happens.

4. Favorite Holiday Dish?

Tempura. OK, tofu smeared with miso might not be traditional for Hanukah, but fried food is.

5. Favorite Holiday Memory?

The year after we instituted the tradition of using wee fabric Hanukah bags for the sprogs' gifts each of the eight nights, the elder Free-Ride offspring asked (maybe in late October) whether they'd get Hanukah bags again that year. See, I can make traditions!

6. One Hanukiah or more than one?

Just one.

7. Do you remember your favorite gift?

We like pretty rocks and minerals.

8. Favorite Holiday Dessert?

I was supposed to save room for dessert?

Possibly another latke with applesauce (home-made by Super Sally with apples from the Free-Ride tree, then stashed in the freezer so some of it would last till Hanukah).

9. Favorite Holiday Song?

Tom Lehrer's "(I'm Spending) Hanukkah in Santa Monica"

Hey, you there with the mouthful of sufganiyot! You're tagged.

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Are the TJ latkes as thick as most store bought ones? That tends to be the problem with most latkes -- they're too thick. My grandma makes the best latkes (yeah, I know, everyone's grandma makes the best [fill in the blank]) cause they're real thin and crispy. I'm still working on perfecting her technique.

And, Janet, there cannot be too much oil. That's the secret to good latkes. Once you think you've added enough oil to the pan, double it.

Oooh another household that celebrates both. My friends always thought I was nuts when I would invite them over for one night of Hanukkah, and there would be a Christmas tree in the living room. The tradition started to grow on them, however -- now that I am back "home" (at my parents house) studying for comprehensive exams I had a few old high school friends over for the second night and they were quite disappointed that my parents had not yet purchased a Christmas tree.