Ten challenges met, ten still in play.

The 2007 DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge ends tomorrow, and ScienceBlogs readers have met (and exceeded) 10 of the 20 challenges we mounted, raising $47,705.

Here's who's left:

  1. Uncertain Principles: $3442 from 45 donors (0.597 donors/1000 pageviews)
  2. Terra Sigillata: $2081 from 8 donors (0.738 donors/1000 pageviews)
  3. Cognitive Daily: $1584 from 23 donors (0.147 donors/1000 pageviews)
  4. Adventures in Ethics and Science: $1511 from 26 donors (0.556 donors/1000 pageviews)
  5. A Blog Around the Clock: $1499 from 6 donors (0.0499 donors/1000 pageviews)
  6. Stranger Fruit: $1358 from 16 donors (0.400 donors/1000 pageviews)
  7. Mike the Mad Biologist: $785 from 5 donors (0.117 donors/1000 pageviews)
  8. Thoughts from Kansas: $634 from 5 donors (0.358 donors/1000 pageviews)
  9. The Scientific Activist: $320 from 5 donors (0.471 donors/1000 pageviews)
  10. Gene Expression: $200 from 4 donors (0.0243 donors/1000 pageviews)

After tomorrow, the drive is over. It seems like the DonorsChoose servers might be experiencing heavier-than-normal traffic today, but don't give up -- the teachers and kids whose classroom projects are waiting to be funded can use every bit of help we can give them!

Note that some of the bloggers mounting these challenges are offering prizes to their donors, and don't forget that that Seed will be holding a drawing for an iPod Nano at the end of the drive. Be sure to forward your email confirmation from DonorsChoose to scienceblogs@gmail.com to get in on that drawing, and to check the individual blogs with live challenges for details of their incentives.

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your new additions were just too good, and I saw that "kinders measure up" is expiring in a month. I just had to donate! You can sure bet I'll be checking back over the next month to make sure the project is funded.

Thank you so much for participating. You've truly done a great thing here :-)